PI Web Edition -- Saturday, August 21, 2004

This is the web edition of the Pennsic Independent for August 21, 2004. Please see the table of contents below for today's top stories.

Dragon takes final battle, storms fort

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

After 27 War Points: Eastern Tygers 14, Midrealm Dragons 3, Mother Nature 7 (pending archery war points)

Having been stormed out on Thursday, both the great armies of the Midrealm and the East assembled for the final time this Pennsic hoping to storm into something: the Pennsic fort. Each side was given a chance to both defend and attack the fort, with the side that held out longer claming the final heavy fighting war point of Pennsic XXXIII.

To spice things up a bit, the Barony of Marinus in Atlantia brought out several large “breastworks” and used them to bar the way to the fort. Several attacking fighters were designated sacrificial lambs and cleared the breastworks by force. Several other gentles were felled by another new weapon: “boiling oil,” poured off the battlements.

The East and its allies defended the fort first. The Tyger placed Atlantia, Markland and the Great Dark Horde on the east gate, Black Talon, Three Skulls and other on the central gate and Æthelmearc and the Northern Army on the west gate.

The fight for all three gates was called “a meat grinder” by several gentles that witnessed the fight. However, the critical breakout came from the west gate with elements of the Oaken and Darkyard armies leading the charge. After the breakout, the end was soon in coming and the East surrendered the fort in a time of 19:21.
After a brief break, the sides reversed with the Midrealm defending the fort. The Dragon assigned Calontir, Cleftlands and Ironlance to the east gate, Northshield, Trimaris and other allies to the central gate and Darkyard, South Oaken and Red Wing Lion to the west gate. House Darkmoon was held in central reserve surrounding His Majesty’s banner.

For about 20 minutes. The East’s advances were held in check. But at roughly the 20-minute mark, all three gate defenses seemed to collapse simultaneously. House Darkmoon attempted to fend off the surging Eastern fighters, but could not stem the tide. However, the marshals ruled that the Midrealm had held the fort for 21 minutes, giving the Midrealm the war point.

Addressing his troops after the battle, HRM Felix of the Middle waxed poetic.

“It had been a great and humbling experience to lead this army,” Felix said. “You have made me very proud.”

Dwarves vs. Giants Tournament
One of Pennsic’s most recognized novelty tournaments took place Friday as the Barony of Carolingia hosted its annual Dwarves vs. Giants tournament. The Giants (those 6-foot-3 and over) met the Dwarves (those 5-foot-6 and under) in melees, single combats and “handicapped” melees, where the Giants fought on their knees. Despite light-hearted height insults that were traded between the sides, all had great fun.

Known World Squires Tournament
Pennsic’s final armored tournament was the Known World Squires Tournament, which had to be postponed from Thursday due to the storms. Despite the postponement and a driving rain, 69 squires took part in a double elimination, Atlantian speed tournament to determine the best squire. In the end, Lord Douglas Henry of the East claimed the tournament.

Saturday’s featured battle: The great scrum of dragons heading for the exits! Seriously, VIVAT, HOOBAH, WASSAIL and HUZZAH to my fellow warrior watchers and the noble gentles who fight for us. See you at Pennsic XXXIV.

Photo by Master Liam St. Liam: A view from Mt. Eislinn.

Fencing Week Wraps Up

By Liam St. Liam

Pennsic Independent Battlefield Reporter

Collette Le Vallois and Lord Tora Taka are at different stages of their SCA fencing careers, but each was able to claim victory in two tournaments during Pennsic War Week.

Collette, who is from Pentamere in the Middle Kingdom, won her own kingdom’s Youth Rapier tournament Friday, defeating Simone D’Aubrey of Ealdormere in the finals of the five-person tournament.

Earlier in the week, Collette won the Æthelmearc Youth Tournament by posting more kills than the same runner-up, Simone.

“I am glad I had just a good opponent,” said Collette, who has been fencing three years and is attending her first Pennsic. “He’s very, very good.”

Youth rapier marshal Lord Gilebert de Dijon pointed out that in Friday’s tournament, Cyrus of Iron Wolf gave five points of honor during the competition.

Lord Tora, who won the East Kingdom Tournament earlier in the week, has been fencing for 17 years and put together two tourney victories in three days.

Friday’s victory came in the Outlands/St. Liam’s Tournament, which drew 29 rapier fighters for a pool-to-single-elimination tournament.

Lord Tora defeated Don Antonio Patriquin in the finals. Lord Tora took Don Antonio’s dagger on the first contact, then gave up his own dagger before hitting Don Antonio to the chest for the victory.

“I’ve been watching him fight all week, and I was still too close,” said Don Antonio, and Eastern don who defeated fellow Easterner Sir Ivan Ulricsson in the semifinals. Lord Tora defeated Midrealm champion Lord Martin of Hawkswood in the semifinals.

Over 40 Tourney

Lord Greylond Crow made the most of his first visit to Pennsic, winning the Over-40 Tournament, which is sponsored by Don Nigel of Castle West.

Lord Greylond is from Atlantia’s Barony of Hawkwood. In the finals, he defeated Don Jordan Harvey of the East Kingdom. The tourney prize was a hand-made wooden buckler.

Women’s tourney

Lady Lilias de Cheryngton of the Barony of Carolingia in the East Kingdom topped the 14-woman field in Pennsic’s first Women’s Rapier Tournament. Lady Lilis defeated Kara of Cynnabar, a Midrealm fencer, in the finals.

Other semifinalists were Emeline Patterson of Concordia in the East and Brighid McCumnal of the Midrealm.

Novice tourney

Eighteen fencers competed in the third annual Æthelmearc Novice Bear Pit Tournament.

In the Epee Bear Pit, Terrence Merit McKlay of Misty Highlands in Æthelmearc was the winner, and Caitlin Woodmane of the Eastern Barony of Bergental was the runner-up.

Travis Bond of Thor’s Mountain in Meridies was the winner of the Schlager portion of the tournament, and Benjamin of Hunter’s Home was second.

Prizes were donated by Darkwood Armory and Zen Warrior Armory.

Quest completed

Don Raphael Di Angelo chose to make his fencing quest more difficult, but he competed it nonetheless. Instead of simply fighting 1,000 bouts, he chose to keep going until he won 1.000 times. He completed that at midweek after fencing a total of 1,140 bouts.

In some fencing-related awards, Reginald D’Argoogle, one of the oldest fencers in the Middle Kingdom, received a Bronze Ring. Ronan Lynceus, an Eastern fencer and the captain of the Queen’s Guard, received a Court Barony.

Photo by Master Liam St. Liam: Leading the charge at Fencing Melee War Point on Wednesday.

One Knight at Pennsic

Once More Unto the Breech

By Sir Guillaume “Rain Stops, Everyone Buggers Off” de la Belgique

When do you know the war is really over? When your pavilion hits the ground? When your armor is in its bag? When you begin to wonder where on earth you parked your car?

For me, it’s that moment when, at the edge of Hwy. 422, I reach forward and turn on the radio. I’m always astonished that none of the local stations carry any information about who won the castle battle, or what the King of Æthelmearc had to say at closing court, or who got knighted on the field. All they’re talking about are obscure issues like the Presidential campaign, the standings in the National League or reviews of the movies that opened yesterday. The reminder that the world goes on despite the events at Pennsic is always somewhat of a shock to me.

But, to be honest, it’s a good thing to be reminded that the SCA is just a game. For two weeks we’ve been focused on war points, A&S classes, court politics and peerage business. We need to remember that our universe is but a small drop in the ocean of humanity. We need to keep in mind that unless we take something with us as we leave the gates of Cooper’s Lake, all our time and energy here is wasted.

We need to leave here recharged and refocused. We need to bear with us a sense of honor, fair play, decency and respect. When we leave here, we become the standard bearers of noble behavior and ethical principles, even though we may be venturing out into a world where those things seem to be in short supply. Although it may be concealed beneath our business suits, our work clothes or our uniforms, we need to carry a part of Pennsic with us every day.

We need to look forward to Pennsic XXXIV not by planning greater embellishments to our campsites or crafting new pieces of armor, but by working to bring the ideals of the Current Middle Ages to those poor, benighted individuals who live outside the boundaries of this place.

As many people will remind us today, it’s just a 50-week trip into town. Remember, our quest during that trip is to leave the places we visit a little better than we found them. Fare well.

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Contest Results

Known World Petanque tournament: RS-15/CM-10

Events Open to All

Kendrick of the Haunted Bookshop will be doing a booksewing demo and discuss the history of bookbinding at the Haunted Bookshop in Bookseller’s Row Daily at 11:00AM and 3:00PM

12 step meetings daily at 4 PM. E07, Denys the Decadent's Camp. All welcome. AA, NA, OASA, etc. Open meeting.

Weather permitting, the Tribute-Longship will sail & burn at full dark, Sat the 21st. Come and paint a shield or place a note of love in the ship.

Midrealm is now accepting submissions at Herald’s Point.

Metalsmiths’ Symposium 3 - Shire of Montevale and Shire of Silver Rylle - Nov 12-14, 2004. Forging, casting, glasswork of all sorts, jewelry making classes! Plus pottery making, herb classes, calligraphy and illumination, perfume making, and more for forge widowers! Children’s clases as well! For info on the event or to teach a class, contact Carowyn Silveroak and Corwyn Ravenwing at oakenraven@juno.com or check out the event at the SCA website under East Kingdom Events! Come and have fun! Other kingdoms are more than welcome to come play! (Let us know if you are planning to bring a forge!)

If you have consulted at Herald’s Point and have not yet paid for forms or submissions, you must do so by 1pm Saturday. Unpaid submissins will not be sent to the Kingdom submissions heralds.

Rose Tourney, Sept. 18, in Brendoken. C/ck from the MK calendar.

“Hunt for the Beast” Labor Day weekend. September 3-5 NW Ohio. Very west site has cabins and camping, fields, woods, feast hall, showers and flushies. Heavy, archery, thrown weapons, hawking demo, feast. See Pale/Midrealm events website. scaotto@yahoo.com

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Once again I would like to thank all of the lords, ladies and good gentles of the Pennsic War for their support of our urchins. Each year their coverage of Pennsic improves with your support. Thanks to you all! Your urchin wrangler, Lady Aurora

Help Wanted

Wanted: Large, burly man with good organizational skills to help pack up the Pennsic Independent on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Newspapers and compensation. See Heirusalem at the Pennsic Independent.

Claus the Toymaker still needs wandering merchants to sell t-shirts for the Chiurgeon’s Fund. Come to site 24.

Twelve year old on the serengeti will babysit for a couple of hours and will also do ice runs. Leave messages at Rivenstar for Smerelda the Helpful.


Sign of the Black Rose takes great pride in Congratulating our beloved Artist-in-Residence Lady Savant, on her triumphant graduation as a BS w/Honors Cum Laude in Psychology & Philosophy. We invite you to join us in wishing Her the best of luck in Graduate School—PooBah!

AnnaRousse...Je t'aime pour toujours...Rneld

Ask Auntie Arwen (#184) if she is drinking enough WATER!

Taern McGregor and L. Catherine Seton belatedly wish to announce their engagement - date to be set later.

NOTICE TO THE FRIENDS OF SOLOMON BEN JACOB (SHERWIN KADER): He is ill this war and was not able to come. He is ill and not able to make it this War. All are welcome to stop at merchant booth #56, Darkcraft’s Wandering Mercantile. I am collecting a book of get well wishes to send him after the War. Keep him in your hearts and we will see him next year. Isak Darkcraft.

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Armand - too long til next yr. Hugs n smooch! Miranda

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Thing one and thing two say neener neener boo boo.

Winner! of the Robin Wood Midnight Madness raffle: #652351 - Lynn McMillen

Unto Caitlin of Enniskillen, CONGRATULATIONS and a very big hug from Mistress Christina O'Riain - I wish I could have been there for your big day. Well deserved, Mistress. I expect to see pictures and hear tales of the festivities once you return from the plains of Pennsic. Safe travels.

‘Till the end of time Annarousse will love” The Boy’s Dad

Basha, we’re sorry. We will no longer know the delight of your body. Congratulations! Love, Morningwood.

To friends not here -- I raise my glass. We miss you Robert - Pennsic Independent.

Papalou n’est plus! Papamou! Papamou!

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Fergus - My life, both mundane and SCAdian, is wonderful because I share it with you. I hope that all our Pennsics are as special as this one. You are the twinkle in my eye, the laugh on my lips, and the love of my heart. Now and forevermore - Maggie

You who struggled the rough road with your burden,

Armor to fight a waiting foe,

Your view of the natural order of things,

is most desperately flawed.

A lady who stopped to let you pass by,

A lady whom you did not know,

said, “Lord, I yield the way to you.”

No courtesy did you show.

You said, “It’s the natural order of things.”

Meaning that you should come first.

But, you made a serious misstep, my lord,

For the lady you did not know.

I am said lady and I am a bard,

And I have a mem’ry of steel,

For all of your burdens you never have carried,

A wound such as stories can wield.

I know not your name or the camp where you rest,

I know not your purpose in war,

But the natural order of things demands grace,

Of which you have none rest assured.

The natural order of things, my lord

Is that ladies and bards deserve thanks,

One is for chivalry, the other for words,

Above all your rude ways they rank.

On this particular day, for this particular reason, we send this message bearing our good wishes. Happy Birthday Oswald. Love, from House Bluebrick.

To the people who took Misty Highlands and Greenwood’s signs: You are the most dishonorable, unchivalrous, disrespectful low-lifes at Pennsic. Using our heraldry to test your idiotic theories of hydroengineering in a ditch is neither amusing nor appropriate. I hope you develop some remnant of honor and courtesy.

Sorcha - Thank you for sharing my war and my life and making each that much more magical. We have our foundation now, let’s build the rest of our lives together. As always, these words are inadequate to the feeling in my heart. I love you very, very much - Alasdair