Fencing Week Wraps Up

By Liam St. Liam

Pennsic Independent Battlefield Reporter

Collette Le Vallois and Lord Tora Taka are at different stages of their SCA fencing careers, but each was able to claim victory in two tournaments during Pennsic War Week.

Collette, who is from Pentamere in the Middle Kingdom, won her own kingdom’s Youth Rapier tournament Friday, defeating Simone D’Aubrey of Ealdormere in the finals of the five-person tournament.

Earlier in the week, Collette won the Æthelmearc Youth Tournament by posting more kills than the same runner-up, Simone.

“I am glad I had just a good opponent,” said Collette, who has been fencing three years and is attending her first Pennsic. “He’s very, very good.”

Youth rapier marshal Lord Gilebert de Dijon pointed out that in Friday’s tournament, Cyrus of Iron Wolf gave five points of honor during the competition.

Lord Tora, who won the East Kingdom Tournament earlier in the week, has been fencing for 17 years and put together two tourney victories in three days.

Friday’s victory came in the Outlands/St. Liam’s Tournament, which drew 29 rapier fighters for a pool-to-single-elimination tournament.

Lord Tora defeated Don Antonio Patriquin in the finals. Lord Tora took Don Antonio’s dagger on the first contact, then gave up his own dagger before hitting Don Antonio to the chest for the victory.

“I’ve been watching him fight all week, and I was still too close,” said Don Antonio, and Eastern don who defeated fellow Easterner Sir Ivan Ulricsson in the semifinals. Lord Tora defeated Midrealm champion Lord Martin of Hawkswood in the semifinals.

Over 40 Tourney

Lord Greylond Crow made the most of his first visit to Pennsic, winning the Over-40 Tournament, which is sponsored by Don Nigel of Castle West.

Lord Greylond is from Atlantia’s Barony of Hawkwood. In the finals, he defeated Don Jordan Harvey of the East Kingdom. The tourney prize was a hand-made wooden buckler.

Women’s tourney

Lady Lilias de Cheryngton of the Barony of Carolingia in the East Kingdom topped the 14-woman field in Pennsic’s first Women’s Rapier Tournament. Lady Lilis defeated Kara of Cynnabar, a Midrealm fencer, in the finals.

Other semifinalists were Emeline Patterson of Concordia in the East and Brighid McCumnal of the Midrealm.

Novice tourney

Eighteen fencers competed in the third annual Æthelmearc Novice Bear Pit Tournament.

In the Epee Bear Pit, Terrence Merit McKlay of Misty Highlands in Æthelmearc was the winner, and Caitlin Woodmane of the Eastern Barony of Bergental was the runner-up.

Travis Bond of Thor’s Mountain in Meridies was the winner of the Schlager portion of the tournament, and Benjamin of Hunter’s Home was second.

Prizes were donated by Darkwood Armory and Zen Warrior Armory.

Quest completed

Don Raphael Di Angelo chose to make his fencing quest more difficult, but he competed it nonetheless. Instead of simply fighting 1,000 bouts, he chose to keep going until he won 1.000 times. He completed that at midweek after fencing a total of 1,140 bouts.

In some fencing-related awards, Reginald D’Argoogle, one of the oldest fencers in the Middle Kingdom, received a Bronze Ring. Ronan Lynceus, an Eastern fencer and the captain of the Queen’s Guard, received a Court Barony.

Photo by Master Liam St. Liam: Leading the charge at Fencing Melee War Point on Wednesday.


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