Tyger, Dragon Split Spoils in Champion’s Battles

By Lord DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter


After 13 War Points:
East Tygers 9, Midrealm Dragons 4

Allied Champions Battle
With the rapier champions battle being won by the Midrealm on the last bout Wednesday, the Allied Champions battle turned out to be a similarly tight fight.
After some words of encouragement from HRM Edward of the East and HRM Radagaisus of the Midrealm, 120 champions and allied champions lined up on each side for an SCA-style game of capture the flag. Each side had to run the opposing side’s flag back to their own banner to earn a point. The first team to seven points (or the side with the most points after an hour) would claim the war point. Resurrections occurred at two-minute intervals throughout the battle.
As usual, the fight was one of the most intense at Pennsic. The Eastern allies claimed the first two banners; only to see the Midrealm allies rally.
At the end of the hour, the marshals determined the score was tied at 2-2. Thus, the fighters were lined up once more, this time for a last-man-standing fight to determine the War Point.
The ensuing brawl eliminated nearly every fighter on the field. However, a small group of Atlantians was able to stick together and drive off the final Midrealm Allies, giving the War Point to the East.

Unbelted Champions Battle
This year’s unbelted champions tournament was a best-of-three fights affair pitting teams of 15 vs. 15 against each other.
A large number of the populace from both sides ended up watching this brawl.
The first fight pitted an East team comprised mostly of Northern Army warriors against a team of Dragons, mostly from Constellation. The Midrealm’s force was able to reform quickly and claimed the first fight.
The second fight was huge brawl between an East squad anchored by House Bloodguard and Midrealm team led by Oaken army members. It was quite a smashing affair with a high attrition rate, but the Dragon forces won out.
Although the Midrealm forces had already claimed the War Point, the Dragon sent out its third team anchored by Pentamere and Midlands to face and East squad led by VDK. The fight went the same way as the first two, as the Midrealm forces rolled over the field.

Belted Champions Battle
The East’s 20-man team of knights and masters sought to avenge its unbelted team’s defeat as it met a force of 20 Midrealm chivalry shortly after the unbelted battle. The fight was a whirling dervish for a good while, but the East’s forces were able to maintain their cohesion better and swept the field to claim the War Point.
Thursday’s Big Battle: The Bridge Battle
The bridges are back at Pennsic as the two Great Armies renew their fight Thursday at 10 a.m. This year, there will be three battles over five bridges with victory in each battle being worth one War Point. An army must control the majority of bridges or sweep the field to earn victory. There will be no resurrections. Be aware combat archery and siege weapons are allowed in the third fight.


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