The Tournament of Chivalry

By Lord Jack Marvell
Features Reporter

Come call it a Golden Chain. Some call it Duke U. Whatever the name, though, the Middle Kingdom-sponsored Tournament of Chivalry held on Tuesday gave unbelted heavy fighters from across the Known World a chance to learn from more than 75 members of the Chivalry.
“This is something that we in the Middle Kingdom have done for about a decade and a half,” said Duke Ullr, the organizer of the event. “We invited every member of the Chivalry and every sitting king to hold the field... We call it a tournament in more of a sense of a showcase instead of a competition.”
About 200 unbelted fighters came to learn from the assembled knights. There were five current kings on the field, Duke Ullr said. “It is exciting stuff.”
King Savaric of the Midrealm said his kingdom relies on the tournament as a teaching tool. “It’s a beautiful thing,” he said. “All these guys are thirsty for knowledge. It is here. All they have to do is go to the well. I hope they drink deeply.”
This is the first time that the Middle Kingdom has held a Tournament of Chivalry at Pennsic. “This is our kingdom’s greatest teaching tool,” King Savaric said. “It is the best way for our knights to interact with the unbelted. Their knowledge is going to be disseminated and spread through the Known World from this one event. You’ll see it on the field next year.”
The tournament met with the approval of its participants. “It is a blast,” said Duchess Elina of Beckinham, who hails from the Midrealm. “This is the best learning environment possible. I’m on the unbelted side. I’ve got something to learn from everybody, and I always will.”
The format alternated between rounds of fighting and classes. Holding the field is a grueling experience for the participating Chivalry, who are faced with wave after wave of unbelted fighters. “They are completely wiped out, but they do it as a duty to the Crown,” Duchess Elina said.
The format gives unbelted fighters the opportunity to fight with members of the Chivalry as often as they want. “If you didn’t get enough fighting today, it’s your own fault,” Duchess Elina said.