Coalition Controls Fencing Champions

A spirited charge in the Rapier Flag Battle .
Photo by Tarmach ben Yehuda

By Master Liam St. Liam
Battlefield Reporter

On a day when traditional rivalry roles were reversed, the East-Midrealm Coalition joined forces, raced out to an early lead and was in solid control on its way to a 28-12 victory over the Atlantia-Æthelmearc Alliance to claim two war points in the Fencing Champions Tournament.
The Alliance drew first blood when the Honorable Lord Christian De Launey, the Æthelmearc Queen’s Champion, defeated Don Donovan Shinnock, the Eastrealm King’s Champion, in the opening bout.
The Coalition then reeled off 12 straight victories for a 12-1 lead and was never seriously challenged the rest of the way. The afternoon featured perhaps a dozen points of honor, with fighters giving up their own arms after taking their opponents’ and with one exception, every bout was very clean.
Lord Alexander Drache, the Midrealm Queen’s Champion, won the second bout, followed by Lord Vindris Sigtrysson, the Midrealm King’s Champion, and EK Queen’s Champion Baron Jean Paul du Casse. At that point it was 4-1 for the Coalition.
Eight more victories followed, from Jarl Arch Teryx of the Middle, Don Domin d’Aleace of the Outlands, Don Nightshade of the West, Lord Davius St. Jacques, Warder Maximilian Zauberer of the Midrealm, Lord Rurik the Red of the Middle, Lord Magnus Morti of the East, Don Alessandro Andretti of Ansteorra, and Don John Radburne of the East.
The Alliance turned the tables with victories from Lord Mateo de Cadesia of Atlantia and Æthelmearc fencers Lord Orlando di Benne del Vinta and Don Iago Benitez. The Coalition took the momentum back with victories from Don Wyatt, Don Pascual de la Mer and Don Ian Raven of Tadcaster, all Easterners, and Warder Cecil DuPoint of the Midrealm to push the lead to 16-4 at the halfway point.
Master Dante de Pietro of Atlantia defeated Sir Antonio Patrasso in a highly-contested bout. Warder Don Adam Carmichael of the Middle won, then THL Jeffrey ap Clydd of Atlantia made it 17-6. The back-and-forth continued with Don Aubulet Trapon of the Midrealm winning, followed by Lord Armand Schnitore of Atlantia and THL Connor Livingstone of Atlantia.
At that point it was 18-8, and the Coalition clinched the tournament with wins by Master Uadahlrich (Midrealm), THL Frasier MacCleod (East) and Warder Torquil Mac Galliray. Don Alfonso Pontenelli of Ealdormere was a winner, as were Lady Azriel le Fey of the Midrealm, Don Adon Aylwyn of Atlantia, Don Ogedei Becinjab of the East, and THL Kaitlin ingen Feichien of the Alliance.
Don Orlando Sforza of the East won his bout, as did Don Elyes Tagar of Artemesia, Don Hrothgar Faellen of the Alliance, Don Thore Behune of the Coalition, Lord Sean MacPhaerson of the East and THL Wistric Offun of the Alliance.


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