Coalition Takes Bridges, Leads War

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Brave fighters battle for the bridges in close combat.
Photo by Master Philip the Pilgrim

By Master Liam St. Liam
Battlefield Reporter

After the Eastern-Midrealm Coalition made easy work of Tuesday’s first bridge battle, King Savaric of the Middle Kingdom and King Kenric of the East sent the Southern Oaken army across the field, making the rest of the afternoon much more competitive.
“They fought very well for us, and they fought very well against us,” King Kenric said after the coalition posted a 3-1 victory, but had to work much harder for those second two points. One of the battles, the fourth, was voided, because of a rules interpretation issue.
“I’ve been at Pennsic a long time, and this was an inspiring day,” said Duke Henri d’Artois, the battle commander for Æthelmearc. “I got to fight against some of the guys I consider my heroes.”
Duke Henri got that chance because the Midrealm commander, Sir Farthegn, who developed the battle plan for the Coalition, rotated his units from bridge to bridge. “We had our opportunities. It was just awesome. All of our regional units did a great job. Our guys were every bit as good as I knew they would be.”
Duke Jason of Atlantia, the other Allied main commander, echoed Duke Henri on praising his troops. “I consider our guys to be a professional army.”
Duke Henri sent a thank-you to the units from Mountain Confederation. Duke Jason said that while all units on the Allies’ side fought well, he was especially pleased with the work Trimaris and Meridies did on their bridge.”

From the Coalition side
“It was a chess match,” said Master Feral, the Eastern warlord. “We had the bigger pieces, but they had more pieces. The Midrealm battle plan was a good one, to switch from bridge to bridge.” Master Feral was impressed with all of the Eastern armies, and with the Midrealm as well. Ansteorra and Calontir stayed in the middle of things. Rome also made a difference on the Coalition side.
One tactic the Coalition used was to hold certain units in reserve, particularly Duke Andreas’ Unsterblichen. But Duke Andreas said his army didn’t do it alone.
“You have to talk about Darkmoon,” Duke Andreas said. “We followed in the success of Darkmoon.”
Today’s war points include the thrown weapons, archery, and fencing champions, as well as four heavy weapons champions’ battles.
The unofficial war point count has the Coalition leading, 12-4.


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