Bardicci to Host Subtlety Contest

All ye Makers and Patrons of the fine arts of table and board: Take Heed!
His Excellency Guglielmo Bardicci, a humble citizen and court Baron of the fair Sylvan Lands of Æthelmearc, Petitions Your Attention.

Continuing in his ever-expanding patronage of the arts and in celebration of four & thirty profitable years of war, Baron Bardicci once again sponsors

A Grand Subtlety Competition and Exhibition at this year’s Pennsic War open to all Denizens of the Known World.

A subtlety is an extravagant comestible designed to delight and deceive the senses. An ornate and edible artform often served at the culmination of a Feast or as part of the desert remove, it is a centerpiece of the sideboard.

All entries will be accecpted on Thursday morning of War Week and shall be on display throughout the day during the open house of CASA BARDICCI accompanied by period entertainment and gracious hospitality for all visitors.

Contestants should consider that this competion will take place at Pennsic where amenities are at a minimum. Field subtleties that can stand up to the rigors of war are highly recommended. Entrants may wish to consider that their creations will be displayed in a late-period Italian villa, amidst an opulent Venetian board. Imagination and well-researched works are highly encouraged.

Each contestant will receive a silver coin for entering our contest and the populace shall choose up to a dozen winners to receive a Bardicci Golden Token and an invitation to the Baron's High Society Soiree in Honor of the Arts. Two entries will be chosen from among the finalists to be awarded Highest Honors and receive a period silver spoon hand-crafted by Master Erwillian MacFergus and a fabulous period portrait platter crafted by Lady Genevieve de Chalfant.

Royalty, Peers and other influential Personages and Patrons of the Arts shall view and consume the exhibition at His Excellency's High Society Arts Party in the full splendor of Casa Bardicci at night.

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