Courtesy, Excellence, and Love Abound at the East Kingdom Pennsic Court

By Maestra Ana de Guzmán

God heard the prayers of the East and sent packing the rains that had soaked the Debatable Lands this Pennsic War. Five peers were created at this court, many of whom had peers from other kingdoms speak on their behalf. The Eastern Court began with the sun westering on a clearing sky as the imperial procession made its way down from the slopes of Mt. Eislinn to the battlefield pavilion. Brennan Augustus strode in with his herald before him, his Bard Martin de Halliwell leading the populace and the procession in singing “Orient Victoriosus” while Caoilfhionn Augusta was brought in most properly in a litter swathed in sheer purple. Their Highnesses Edward and Thyra followed, then the landed Barons and Baronesses of the Empire.
The court was graced with the visit of their Majesties Acre, Damien and Tara, who confirmed the re-commission of the ancient treaty between the East and Acre, since there was no more room to sign the old treaty after three decades. The empire and the kingdom swore sovereign honors to each other, the subjects of each would abide by the laws of the other should they find themselves residing there, and the two realms would not make war upon each other.
Lord Anton LaFlamme fashioned new crowns for the East. The Emperor tried his on, but set it aside for safekeeping for his heirs, saying that while he admired the handiwork, he was attached to the crown of his line, saying, “I cannot imagine this court and this war wearing any other crown.” Brennan Augustus also announced beer and cider for his court, and there was much rejoicing.
Master Godric of Hamptun announced the victory of the archery championships to the East and her allies. Violante of Settmour Swamp was made a Lady for her sewing and the giving of her time and talents to the kingdom, her scroll a copper tablet fashioned by Master Cormac Mór of Caid.
Lady Karrah the Mischievous was the first new member of the Order of the Silver Crescent to be so recognized, for her long service to the youth fighters of the kingdom, proving her sobriquet by exclaiming, “Oh, s^*t!” She was followed in the order by Lord Otto Gottlieb, recognized for his services as Seneschal of the Barony of Endewearde.
Wynflaed of Bergental became a Lady of the empire for her needlework and her archery.
The first new Laurel of the East Kingdom was called forward, Lady Judith FitzHenry, called the Uncertain. Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, “simple country knight,” spoke for the Chivalry, stating, “She brightens my day.” For the Pelicans, Mistress Eularia Trewe sent a missive from her current residence in Drachenwald, that Judith was “a comfort and joy to all who hear her.” A second Pelican from the Midrealm, that kingdom’s Seneschal Midair MacCormaic, added, “She makes others shine. God help us if she ever takes up armor. The Midrealm would never stand a chance.” Countess Brekke Franksdottir from the Ladies of the Rose sent a letter via Master Phillip White expounding on her courtesy and delightful wit. For the Laurels, Mistress Aoife inghean Conchobair read a letter for Master Alexandre Lerot de Avigne stating, “Judith creates art…built on a foundation of craft…[that] makes a difficult task seem effortless.” Judith had been looking at each of the speakers, and listened as Lady Isabeau d’Orleans sang the scroll’s words to a Thomas Campion tune. Her back was turned to the court heralds as they produced a cittern crafted and inscribed by Master Arden of Icombe, the song on the cittern’s back, the words fashioned by this writer. When she turned again to face the crowns, her body jolted in happy shock.
Lord Richard le Hauke was given an Order of the Golden Mantle. Lady Lucie Lovegood of Ramisgate was awarded a Burdened Tyger and thanked personally by young Courtney, the Princess Royal, for her work with the children’s tea party. Luther of Clan O’Niall was made a Lord for his fundraising to help a sick child.
Lady Lillia de Vaux was welcomed to the Order of the Pelican for her tireless service to kingdom heraldry, spoken for by Tribune Omega for the Chivalry, Mistress Juliana de Luna for the Laurels, Mistress Brunnisende Dragonette de Brocéliande with a letter from Master Michael Wolfhauer from the Pelicans, and Her Grace Avelina Keyes for the Rose, who remarked how her virtue was “tested every time she … read a submission.” Her scroll was read in French and English, the words by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich, calligraphy and illumination by Lady Isabel Chamberlaine.
The rolls of the Tyger’s Cub were made larger by young Kyle Williams and Aiden von Summerfeldt.
Lord Aethelhawk Keyfinder became the next Pelican for his unflagging service in cooking, metalwork, and leatherwork. A countess of the Midrealm spoke for him via letter for the Roses, Duke Gregor von Heisler spoke for the Pelicans. Among the regalia was a red hat with ermine trim made by Duchess Jana von Drachenklaue.
Madelaine de Mortaigne and Alexandra Jacobsdochter became Ladies of the realm, Lord Lottiere Malocchio was inducted into the Order of the Golden Rapier.
Lady Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco became the second Laurel made at this court, Sir Jibril al Dakhil speaking to her unbreakable spirit and courage from the Chivalry. Duchess Kiena Steward spoke for the Pelicans to her motto, “The joy is in the doing.” Duchess Aikaterine spoke for the Roses with tears in her eyes to her “shining through adversity.” Mistress Vienna de la Mer spoke for the Laurels of how they met at a Pennsic Arts and Sciences display, and how the sheer veil embroidered with delicate laurel leaves for Rainillt was “the devil.”
Lady Dziuginte of Dragonship Haven was awarded a King’s Order of Excellence for her Slavic persona research, her scroll read in Lithuanian, words by Yehuda ben Moshe. Lord Johann Lederer was given a Burdened Tyger for his kitchen work.
Mistress Elizabeth Lovell announced that the winner of the Kingdom Largesse challenge was the Crown Province of Østgardr; the chest had been filled to capacity.
Einar Njorthurson (called Billy Fish) was given a Queens Order of Courtesy. Lord Fergus Redmeade was made a Court Baron for his successful fundraising.
The last Laurel created became the first Laurel king of the East, Earl Kenric aet Essex, to the great acclaim of all, for his commitment to the recreation of Saxon life. The Emperor Brennan said, “He inspired me to be a better member of the Society.” He wondered at how he would follow a Laurel king, and when he learned that Earl Kenric was not a Laurel, said, “I hate being wrong.”
Sir Matthew Moravius av Denmork, newly-minted knight the day before, and Kenric’s former squire, spoke from the Chivalry, as did Sir Arnwulf Æthelready, who still wears the armband Kenric made and gave to him when he was his king.
Baron Kraken Gnashbone and Master Justin du Coeur spoke for the Pelicans to his spirit of service. Duchess Aikaterine for the Roses spoke to his over-achievement and his delight and abandon as he immerses himself in his work. For the Laurels, Mistress Ælfgifu of the Hazel Thicket warned that the rest of the Order would be “running to keep up with him.” His scroll, by Fiona O’Maille ó Chaun Coille, was read in Latin and English by Martin de Halliwell and Avelina Keyes respectively.
The last great spectacle of the evening had Empress Caoilfionn and Emperor Brennan near to tears as Brennan said, “It gives me incredible joy that…we add your name to the roll of Tyger of the East.” The scroll was read in German and English by Martin de Halliwell.
Brennan then thanked the kingdom for the great outpouring of support this war, and Caoilfionn added that this Pennsic was, “…an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I could not ask for a better people to be Queen of. We are the blue tyger, we are the best the Known World has to offer.”
This writer begs pardon for any errors and omissions borne of being short of stature and an inability to see and hear all of the speakers as a result. This court was just shy of four hours long, but the outpouring of love was evident for all who attended. Just as the new Knight spoke for the new Laurel, Mistress Judith will have spoken for a new Laurel of the Midrealm, Henry Best, at this printing.