Water Battle Rescued

By Pennsic Independent Staff

Herein may all good gentles read the Valiant, Heartwarming Tale of How the Children’s Water Battle was Rescued--
Less than two weeks before Land Grab for this year’s Pennsic, a heartbroken message was posted on various email lists and boards in the Midrealm and East from the Shadowclans. It appeared that the much loved Children’s Water Battle at the Fort would have to be cancelled for Pennsic XXXIX.
In the past, Shadowclans had been able to provide most of the staff and the approximately $700-$900 for the activity. But this year very few Shadowclans members are able to attend the War, due almost entirely to economic conditions. Shadowclans is based in the Pentamere Region of the Middle Kingdom (Michigan), which has been particularly hard hit by the modern recession. Master Johann, the mastermind behind the Children’s Water Battle, is unable to attend Pennsic this year, nor is his wife who is 8 months pregnant.
As Lord Taranach McLeod of Shadowclans explained at the time, “Unless we can muster a Herculean effort to get volunteers and get together some kind of treasure for the kids, I am afraid it would be better to wait until next year when it can be done right.”
Enter the Herculean effort as Her Majesty of Æthelmearc, Tessa, went into action, calling for all who might come to her aid to ensure that the Water Battle would go on. Many replied almost immediately .
A sufficient start on volunteers and donations of materials and money took place quickly enough that the Children’s Water Battle was able to be rescheduled for Thursday, August 12, from noon to 2 pm. [Note that the information in the Pennsic Book is no longer correct; the battle does NOT take after Opening Ceremonies on Sunday.]
Coordination of volunteers and donations has been carried out by Lord Tarnach (volunteers), Lady Ameris (donations and treasure), and Lady Gwynnyd (marshals).
If you would like to contribute your time, items, or money at this point, please check with Lord Tarnach or Lady Ameris at the Shadowclans encampment in N33.
Donations of candy (NO CHOCOLATE) should be in sets of 300 with each item individually wrapped. Toys are being purchased from donated funds so there can be consistency in the “booty” awarded to the nearly 300 children who usually take part in the battle.
Donations of usable super soakers and similar implements of “destruction” were also being sought, as were replacements for worn 3/4-inch water hoses.
Volunteers are needed for tasks such as: stuffing the treasure bags, moving equipment from a storage trailer to the Shadowclans camp the day before the battle, moving materials to the Fort area starting around 7:30 on Thursday the 12th (the day of the battle), filling and moving buckets of water, and “filling the weapons.” Other volunteers for duties such as manning the walls and assisting the children should show up at the Fort by 11 a.m. and no later than 11:30.
Again, please check at the Shadowclans camp in N33 to find out exactly what they still need before making any purchases on your own of specific items.
Many, many thanks to all those who gladly and quickly stepped up to the task when Her Majesty of Æthelmearc and others asked it of them. You make the SCA what it is. Vivat to all of you!


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