Review: A Different Dragon by JT Sibley (AKA Auntie Arwen)

Auntie Arwen and her favorite dragon. Photo by Master Phillip the Pilgrim

By Heirusalem and Myra
For The Pennsic Independent

A Different Dragon is the story of DD. His tale takes you from his humble beginnings on the sales rack of a Pennsic Merchant, unwanted because he was “different”, to his real life adventures and heroism in modern warfare. He returns as a decorated war hero! (No spoilers!!!)
DD is a wonderful storyteller. His descriptions of Pennsic War are so vivid that you will be drooling over the spices at Auntie Arwen’s, you could dance to the music, and he offers photos as well. From there, he travels to the far reaches of the world with the US military. It gets scary at times (including an IED!), and you wonder if he and his brave companions will make it through. (Again, no spoilers!)
This clever, sweet story makes it clear that no matter how “different” you may be, there are amazing things awaiting you. DD shows how the smallest contributions are often the most heroic. Both adults and children will enjoy DD’s tale.
DD has returned to his Pennsic home with his war medals and is looking forward to meeting his fellow heroes, large and small, at Auntie Arwen’s Spices. He hopes you will come by, visit, and buy his book!
A Different Dragon is available at Auntie Arwen’s Spices for $10. You can stop by and meet DD and Auntie Arwen and get your book signed by the author!


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