Field Battle belongs to the Tyger

By DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter, Pennsic Independent

After 19 War Points: East Tygers 16, Midrealm Dragons 3

The final armored combat fight of Pennsic XL took place Friday as the Grand Armies of the Midrealm and East met for the Field Battles. This year, there were three battles, each worth one War Point, fought to the last man standing.
The host of the Midrealm lined up one last time on the east side of the field. Though there was some movement during the battle, the Midrealm posted Ealdormere, Drachewald and Calontir to the south, the bulk of the Midrealm army to the center and Northshield, Black Talon, the Mercenary Union and Meduseld to the north.
The Eastern army formed with superior numbers on the west side of the field. The Tyger lined up with its allied kingdoms, The 404 and others to the south, the Southern Army and the Northern Army in the center and Æthelmearc, Atlantia and the Tuchux to the north.
At the cry of “Lay On!” the forces in the south slammed into each other. Both sides were isolated from the whole of the battle, so attrition was high on both sides.
In the center, the first fight saw a force of the Midrealm warriors circle around and engage the Æthelmearc army from behind.
However, the key in all three battles came from the north side of the field. The Midrealm allies’ forces fought bravely, but there were too many opponents to overcome. In the first fight, the whole of the Tuchux reassembled and rumbled toward the center of the field.
With a black wave falling from the north, the outnumbered Midrealmers were slowly overrun. The East claimed the first War Point.
For the second fight, Black Talon crossed the field to the East’s side. The second fight saw the decisive move again come from the north. This time, a perfectly-time pincher move from Atlantia and Æthelmearc punched a hole in the Midrealm defenses. The two kingdoms then snaked their way south over the whole of the battlefield until a small force of Ealdormere warriors were swept from the field.
The third fight allowed for combat archery and siege weapons. With much fanfare, the Mercenary Union crossed the field to the East side before the fight.
Despite the Midrealm committing the Midlands army to fill the gaps in the north, once again the East’s forces from the north broke out and rolled south. The Tuchux were seen marauding south as the final cannon sounded.
HRM Lucan of the East was very pleased with his forces’ effort, going so far as give the Tuchux a bottle of scotch as a reward. HRM Lucas expressed satisfaction with both sides.
“I would like to thank all who came out to the field today,” HRM Lucan said. “With the War decided, there was some fear the numbers would be light. It was great to see the heart of the Dragon and the claws of the Tyger meet on last time. It was a great and glorious day.”
HRM Arch of the Midrealm also was in good spirits as he addressed his troops for the final time at War.
“The numbers may not show it, but We feel like We are the winners this War,” HRM Arch said.


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