Dragon Breaks the Siege to Open the War

By Lord DonalBane of Blakmers
Battlefield Reporter


After five War Points: Midrealm Dragons 2, East Tygers 3

The Grand Armies of the East and Middle Kingdoms met for the first time at Pennsic XXXIX in a new concept battle. The Break the Siege Battle took place Monday morning.
For the first time, the object of the battle was not to fight into the fort but out of it.
Each army was given 45 minutes to drive their enemy out of the fort, retake three houses in a “village” and finally claim a banner in the mountain pass.
The armies attacked out of the fort were given unlimited resurrections, while the defending armies were given one resurrection in the village zone and one resurrection in the mountain pass.
Claiming the banner before the 45-minute time period was worth 1 War Point. The side that claimed the banner faster would claim an additional War Point.
The East was given the opportunity to break out first. HRM Edward arrayed his forces inside the fort. The Western Coalition and elements of the Southern army attacked the west gate; the Ulsterblichen and Atlantia surged out of the main gate, while the Northern Army and the Tuchux attacked the east gate.
The Midrealm had a slight numerical advantage as it defended first. The Æthelmearc army held the west gate, while forces from North Oaken, Calontir, Ealdormere and Northshield formed a gauntlet on the causeway. South Oaken, House Darkyard and Trimaris manned the east gate.
At the sound of the cannon, a massive meat grinder erupted at all three gates. On the east gate in particular, the front lines became living masses of fighters in a desperate push for territory.
Midrealm forces on the causeway held up relatively well, but a well-timed charge led by House Serpentia helped open the west gate. The Ulsterblichen then worked a flanking maneuver, which drove the Midrealm’s forces to west back through the village.
To the East, the fight remained a jihad all through the village, but the East’s superior numbers eventually pushed the Midrealm back.
After a hold, the jaws of the East’s forces slowly closed around the Midrealm’s forces guarding the banner. The final fight remained a brutal affair but Master Rouslon of the East claimed the banner at the 35-minute mark to end the first fight.
The second fight began about 30 minutes after the first, but the intensity did not wane in the slightest.
The fight on the east gate pitted the Northern Army and the Tuchux in a maelstrom against Ealdormere, Calontir and the Free Company of Ironlance. The fighting was nothing short of breathtaking, but the Midrealm’s allies eventually pushed their way into the village. The combined Oaken armies pushed their way out of the west gate despite determined resistance from Atlantia, while the center gate saw Æthelmearc, the Midlands army and others rush headlong into the Ultsterblichen and Western Coalition.
The battle flowed in much the same as the first, with Eastern forces putting up a determined resistance. However, a thrust led by Ealdormere between two of the houses spelled the beginning of the end.
A small banner guard of East warriors was surrounded by a wave of Midrealm fighters. Count Sir Stephen Dubois of Northshield claimed the banner at 31:50, giving the Midrealm victory and the Extra War Point.
“What a way to start a War!” HRM Radagaisus of the Midrealm said to his troops after the battle.
HRM Edward of the East was also pleased with his forces.
“I think they fought with all their heart and all their honor,” HRM Edward said.
HRM Radagaisus was also happy with how the battle flowed, as he was one of the battle’s designers. He also expressed great joy for the efforts of his Allies and expects a good war for his troops.
“The Midrealm army always does well when we start strong,” HRM Radagaisus.

Tomorrow’s Big Battle: The Woods Battle
The new woods north of Mount Eislinn will be christened today with a two-hour, unlimited resurrection battle fought over three banners. Because the Midrealm won the siege battle, the East will have a chance to place the mobile banner first. The Midrealm will muster on the north side of the woods, while the East will muster on the south side.


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