Pennsic Independent publisher elevated to the peerage! The Known World rejoices!

With great support and acclaim, Pennsic Independent Publisher Heirusalem Crystoma was elevated to the Order of the Pelican at Midrealm Crown Tourney in the Shire of Narrental last Saturday, October 30th, A.S. XXXIX.

In their wisdom, HRMs Brannos and Rebekah granted the boon of Mistress Margherita Alessia, Society Exchequer, to elevate her protege. Sung in by the Rivenstar Madrigal Singers and followed by her family as well as the staff of the Pennsic Independent, House Rodentia, and House Von Metton-de Grinstead. Twelve notables from all across the Middle Kingdom as well as Ealdormere and Æthelmearc read the virtues of THL Heirusalem so that all may know her worthiness. With that, she accepted her cloak from Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Society Chronicler and Pennsic Independent Editor-in-Chief and also received the legendary Constellation medallion of the Order from close friend Master Sigulf Karlnar. After Their Draconian Majesties made her a Pelican, she was sung out of the hall to original music written and performed by Mistress T'Sivia Tamara v’Amberview, Pennsic Independent Features Reporter.

The staff of the Pennsic Independent is immensely proud that our publisher has finally gotten the recognition that she has so long deserved. Hoobah for Mistress Heirusalem.


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