PI Publishing 8 Issues Again This Year!

More Pennsic news! More history!

In response to years of requests and last year's success, The Pennsic Indpendent is publishing a premier issue on the first Saturday of War Week again this year!

The new issue will summarize the activities of Land Grab week, with lots of photos and stories about what happens during that first week. Don't miss it!

Since we will be publishing eight issues, our prices for subscriptions have been adjusted accordingly. All subscription prices have been raised to cover the price of the extra issue. However: PDF subscribers will get a special deal this year, as the PDF subscription price has not changed! PDF subscribers will receive all eight issues for the same price as seven PDF subscriptions!

If you cannot make it to the War this year, or want to get your Pennsic Independent in color to print at home, the PDF subscription is your best deal this year!

As always, please remember that your early orders help us make our costs early in the War. We appreciate the great support you, our readers, have always shown us and look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

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The Pennsic Independent Staff


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