Quest for a Cure for Children's Leukemia at Pennsic

By Lord Gilbert le braceeur de Dijon

Greetings to all Noble Gentles and Comrades in Arms.

Following the example of Sir Dilan Mac AnTsaier and his Quest for the Pink Ribbon Deed of Arms do I, Lord Gilebert le braceeur de Dijon, present to you a week-long Deed of Arms benefiting those who cannot defend themselves.

I speak of some of the most courageous and strongest people. The people we all must protect, whether healthy or ill. I speak of our children, the future of us all. Most of our youth are healthy and strong, but there are those that are afflicted with a dread disease. This disease has no real cure, though it will go into remission with proper treatment. However, that treatment is long, costly and painful, and causes much suffering and hardship to the children and their families.

In the spirit of Sir Dilan's Quest, I have decided to undertake a Deed of Arms in an effort to raise a donation for the cause of fighting children's leukemia. To meet this effort, I will be taking the field each day during war week at Pennsic War XXXIV and will stand ready to meet all those who are willing.

I have been granted the White Tourney Field between the hours of 4pm and 5pm during War Week (Sunday, Aug 14 – Friday, Aug 19).

I will be donating $0.25 per bout (best of 3) that I fight. Donations from my fellow combatants are welcome and each person will receive a receipt for their donation. Donations may be a genreal donation, for a set number of bouts or for as many as I may perform.

Please contact me at

An accounting of the Deed will be kept and a record of the donations so that a tally may be made when finished.

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