Construction Warnings for Routes Near Pennsic

One thing I've discovered from traveling to Cooper’s Lake this year, and from other folks arriving over the past couple of days is that there is construction along almost every route. Be prepared for delays. Keep your gas tank full. Be patient. We'll wait for you.
There is a zone of construction along 422 eastbound between New Castle and Cooper’s Lake. This is roughly the same area as last year’s torn up road, and the marked lanes are narrow with workers just inside the baracades. Be extra cautious in this area.
Johnson Sisters Cafe offers a nice new surprise along this route. This small cafe has taken up residence where the old B&B Bar and Grill used to be. The cooking is home fare with some exceptional home baked goods. They have home made cinnamon rolls and apple dumplings the size of your head! It is worth checking out for a stopover before moving in. Of course, Eppingers is still just a few minutes away on SR 19 South, as well.
Happy travels and we'll see you when you get here!


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G'Day Everyone,

Well from those of us in Australia who can't make it this year, have a great time and enjoy the Cinnabons on the way in. The PSG (Pennsic Support Group) has been activated for those who cannot get to Pennsic ( or "P" as we at the PSG call it) and will provide support to those who are on a withdrawal from "P" this year.

Have fun everyone and keep safe. God bless,

Gregory of Loch Swan KSCA
Kingdom of Lochac