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State Police Investigating Reported Assault on Woman

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By Peregrine Fairchylde

Staff Writer Pennsic Independent

The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a report of an assault on a woman at Pennsic from last Wednesday.

Viscount Sir Edward Zifran of Gendy, Commissioner of Public Safety and Captain of the Watch, said Friday that the incident was reported directly to the State Police and not the Pennsic Watch, and that his department will provide whatever cooperation law enforcement authorities request of them - which, for the time being, is to let the police handle everything.

"They asked us to get the hell out of the way and give them an air conditioned room in which to talk to the alleged victim, which we did," said Viscount Edward.

State Police officers did "go and look at some areas" while they were here, His Excellency said, but added that, since he was not party to any part of the interview or the investigation, he didn't have any more information about the alleged incident.
Calling local law enforcement authorities is the proper procedure for the populace to take in cases of violations of law, said His Excellency.

"They are encouraged [to call the police], if they feel a crime was committed against them, and we will cooperate in any way the public officials wish us to do."