Midrealm Reverses History, Rules of the Woods

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Correspondent, Pennsic Independent

After nine War Points: Midrealm Dragons 9, East Tygers 0

A Pennsic original played out under cloudy skies and temperate temperatures Tuesday as the Woods Battle was fought. Through the years, the East has dominated this fight and HRM Kelson and Co. lined up at the southern entrance. Looking to press their advantage after an excellent first day, the Midrealm and its allies lined up at the northern entrance.

At the sound of the cannon, the fighters charged into the fight with vigor. Reports of the front lines indicated that the East initially took two banners, but the Midrealm's superior forces were eventually able to claim all three banners in the first 30 minutes of the fight.

At the hour mark, fighters reported the East had claimed the central banner and, despite being outnumbered, was making pushes on all fronts. Warriors described the fight as "intense," "a meat grinder" and "hard, but fair."

With consorts urging them on, gentles charged up the hills until the moment the cannon sounded. The first banner to emerge from the woods was the East's banner, which was seized by an international coalition of fighters led by Duke Christopher of AEthelmearc. The Midrealm and central banners soon followed in the hands of the HRM Alaric and HRH Edmund of the Midrealm. According to HRH Edmund, fighters from Atlantia and the Midrealm King's Guard seized the Midrealm's banner, while Count Valharic of Atlantia said the Barony of the Debatable Lands led the charge for the central banner.

Assembling his troops with all three banners on a pickup dragon, HRM Alaric and his allies addressed the masses.

"This comes from everyone of you who sucked it up and got back out there until the end. Your royal majesty Malcolm of AEthelmearc, these banners are yours."

"This a singular moment in Midrealm history," HRM Alaric said. "Today is a great day. Having all three of these banners, I can finally say 'I saw a banner in the woods.'"

HRM Alaric, like many others, gave the East credit for putting up a superb fight.

"Meet your adversaries from the East with honor," HRM Alaric instructed his troops. "Their might gave us a tremendous fight this day."

Heroic Champions Battle

Two more War Points were up for grabs in the Heroic Champions Battle, a series of 20 individual bouts between some of the best fighters of the Midrealm, East, and their respective allies. The fights were honorable and fierce, but in the end, the Dragon and her allies won 13 bouts to the East's 7, claiming their second heavy fighting win of the day.

Passage of the Three Seas

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the kingdom's founding, the Kingdom of Trimaris hosted the Passage of the Three Seas at its battlefield pavilion. The Passage has been going on since Saturday, HRH Judith of Trimaris said. HRM Baldar and HRH Gaston both sought to fight 1,500 combats against warriors throughout the Known World in celebration. Trimaris knights also manned a third list in the pavilion at various times during the Passage. Fighters were given the opportunity to face the Trimarans in five or 10-fight batches with one weapons form per day.

HRM Baldar said the Passage had been a success from his perspective.

"I got to fight warriors from every Kingdom in the Known World," HRM Baldar said, noting he was about 100 fights short of his goal by midday on Monday. "Fighters from as far away as Lochac, Drachenwald and some from An Tir have come. We've had a very good turnout this week."

HRM Baldar can claim to be piece of Trimaris history himself, having served as king in the first, 10th, and 20th years of Trimaris' existence.

Ladies of the Rose Tournament

By DonalBane of Blakmers and Master Liam St. Liam

A great multitude of gentles, including virtually all of the reigning Queens of the Known World, turned out Monday for the Ladies of the Rose Tournament. A total of 57 unbelted heavy fighters took part in the tournament, fighting for the favor of individual queens, princesses, duchesses or countesses. Many great bouts were fought and Lord Edward MacGyver dos Scorpus of the East emerged as the winner. He was sponsored by Duchess Katherine Stanhope.

Lord Edward defeated Lord Aaron Rebellinus of Atlantia in a long and chivalrous final. Lord Aaron was sponsored by Duchess Luned of Snowden.

The other semifinalists were Lord Kilian von Fendrich of the Middle, who was sponsored by Countessa Tamara di Firenza, and Lord Henry West of Atlantia. He was fighting for Duchess Kynneburh Boithule.

The tournament was organized by Countess Svava Thorgeirrsdottir and Duchessa Isabella of York, both of the East.

Wednesday's Big Battle: The Mountain Pass Battle

It's back to the main battlefield today as the Mountain Pass battle will begin at 11 p.m. This one-hour, unlimited resurrection fight will be contested for three banners around a "mountain" in the center of the battlefield. A War Point will be given to the kingdom, which possesses each banner at the end of one hour. This battle allows for combat archery and siege weapons throughout.

What to watch for: Stray ballista bolts!! Seriously, combat archery and siege weapons will be used and arrows don't care who they hit once launched. As such, the marshals will likely ask the watching populace to stay a good distance behind the hay bales. On the field, unlimited resurrection battles tend to lead to sporadic fights, but when they get going, they are a sight to behold.


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