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By: Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Editor-in-Chief, Pennsic Independent

Lost something at Pennsic? A recent find in the woods proves it's never too late to check in with Lost and Found.

A pouch containing a variety of ID was found near the entrance to the woods battle area on Wednesday, and turned in to Lost and Found. That was not unusual. What is unusual is that this pouch dates back approximately 12 years. From the ID and other cards in the wallet in the pouch, the best guess is that it was lost in 1993 (Pennsic XXII). The contents clearly identify the owner of the pouch as Amy C. Roberts, known in the Society as Adrianna Miranda Vukovna (according to her SCA membership card and Meridies authorization card). She was a member of the US Air Force, probably based in Florida. Viscount Edward, head of Public Safety, was able to determine that she is not on site under either of those names. If she is onsite under a new name, or if someone knows her, Lost and Found has her ID, pouch, and hair scrunchy-slightly worse for wear, but recovered after many years.

Thanks to Master Vorlin for alerting us to this interesting find.