"They met on the Field of Honour"

By DonalBane of the Blakmers

Battlefield Correspondent, Pennsic Independent

Final Tally:

Midrealm Dragons 26,

East Tygers 1

The Grand Armies of the Midrealm and the East met for the final time Friday under overcast skies for The Field of Honour. The grand spectacle of the field battle brought out loads of spectators to cheer on their respective kingdoms.

Once again, the East lined its forces up on the western side of the battlefield determined to fight to the last man. House Bloodguard, Rome, the Tuchux, and the Northern Army held the north side of the field, while the Southern Army, Black Talon, the Bog Alliance and Ironlance held the center. The western allied kingdoms deployed themselves to the south.

The Dragon's armies lined up for the last time this war on the east side of the battlefield. Forces from AEthelmearc, Calontir, Ealdormere, Northshield and Outlands held the north, while the bulk of the Midrealm army deployed itself to the center. Forces from Atlantia, the Great Dark Horde and Trimaris held the south of the battlefield.

When the cannon sounded for the first fight, more than 1,000 gentles charged proudly into each other. The bulk of the East's forces held their own initially in the north and center, but the combined forces of Trimaris and Atlantia proved to be too much for the outnumbered fighter from the western kingdoms. The right side of the East line was flanked and the Atlantian forces began to charge north. Slowly, the whole of the outnumbered East line began to crumble until the remaining Tyger forces were trapped the northwest corner of the battlefield and wore down.

The second fight took a similar path, although the East's forces seemed to be more compact and organized in this fight. The Tyger held back some units in attempt to countercharge the surging Dragon armies. Unfortunately for the East, the Midrealm's surge could only be delayed and the battle once again collapsed until the Tuchux found themselves fighting against most of the Known World in the northwest corner of the battlefield.

The third fight allowed for combat archery and siege weapons, although many fewer siege weapons were used than the previous day on the causeway. The fight in the north followed the same path as the first two fights, but the fight to the south saw a reversal of fortunes. A tightly bunched group of the East's western allies were able to roll over forces from Trimaris in the initial charge. This same force then turned back and decimated the remains of the Atlanitan army in the south. Having cleared the southern battlefield, the western allies turned their attentions to the brawl to the north. They were greeted by a host of Midrealmers, anchored by the Darkyard Legion and House Darkmoon. It became a dark time for the outnumbered westerners as they were beaten in the final grand melee of the war.

Saturday's Big Battle: The flight of the dragons through the gates!

Seriously, HOOBAH, VIVAT, WASSAIL and HUZZAH to all the warriors and warrior watchers of the great Pennsic War. Hope to see you in a years' time for Pennsic XXXV.

Populace Archery Shoot Results (total for all three points):

Midrealm: 2,401

East: 1,261

All three populace archery points went to the Middle.

Rapier Woods Battle Results:

The Middle Kingdom took all five banners and so won the war point.


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