SCA History Night to Take Place at Pennsic 35

As part of a celebration of SCA history, the Midrealm Historian's office will be hosting an SCA History Event again this Pennsic. 

Activities will take place in the barn on Thursday of War week, starting at 9 am and running through 3 pm.  Currently in the works are a display of relics of Midrealm and Known World interest, a slide show of some early Pennsics and Midrealm events, storytelling and anecdotes in honor of the SCA's 40th Anniversary.  Additional details will be forthcoming as they are available.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.


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West Kingdom Artifacts

The West Kingdom will bring a few items for the reliquary. I will have photo copies from Tournaments Illuminated #2 from 1967 and #7.1 from 1968. Also some Kingdom Newsletters from the early 70's, which I will also photo copy. In addition, (time permitting that I can get to the Stewards and get them) we will bring the Ancient and Honorables, which are the first Western Crowns of State and thus the first official crowns used by the Kings and Queens of the SCA. I also have a written history of the Crowns of the West I will bring with me (who made them, how, out of what and when). I hope you will find these items of interest and appologize for being unable to bring more treasures from the first Kingdom to share with the Knowne World.

Ysabella Dolfin, West Kingdom Regalia Officer