PI Publishing Court Reports This Year

One of the additions we at the Pennsic Independent would like to make this year is the inclusion of kingdom court reports. We know this is something that our readers—both at war and on the Internet—would be particularly interested in.

In order to do this, we are going to be requesting help from the kingdoms themselves. We will be in touch with royalty and kingdom heralds to help us get this information. Since courts are in the evening, we will not be able to include the information in the following day's edition, but we will get them into the paper—and on the web—as quickly as possibly.

We will also be asking help from kingdom residents at Pennsic as well. If you are willing to collect and deliver the awards given in your kingdom's court to us by noon the following day, please contact us at The Pennsic Independent (Newspaper on the Merchant Map).

We do have staff members who will be attending their own kingdom courts and reporting on them. These courts include the East Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, Aethelmearc, and Ealdormere. We are actively seeking volunteer court reporters from all other kingdoms.


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