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Heirusalem and Cally Eat Out: Eppinger's

On the way to Pennsic, on the way home, or just running errands, there are traditional and not-so-traditional Pennsic dining spots around Cooper’s Lake. Heirusalem and Cally from PI took a tour of some of these spots recently and had a few things to mention

Eppinger's is a favorite among many Pennsic attendees, and has been for years. Although Mrs. Eppinger retired before last Pennsic and took home the cool decorations and photos from around the world, she left the yummy, home-style recipes and friendly service.

Located near Cooper's Lake on Highway 19 South, Eppinger's is open 24 hours, which is nice if you get in late, cold, wet, and hungry (which Heirusalem has done a number of times). They have a large, rural truckstop-style menu with some amazing portions. Coffee and tea are served in pitchers and carafes that you keep at your table. No need to keep asking for more.

The atmosphere at Eppinger's has always been very down-to-earth. However, the quaint restrooms are gone. (I have to admit I don't miss them much.) New and larger restrooms have taken their place in the area that used to a gift shop and is being remodled into a trucker's lounge. The juke box is still there, though. :)

Prices are on the lower end, and no one leaves hungry.

Heirusalem's Fasvorite: Apple pie. Just like my grandmother used to make. The rolls are really good, too (hot and buttery and wonderful...).

Cally's Favorite: French Toast. Just the right touch of cinnamon with real maple syrup.

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A great restaurant! Try the

A great restaurant! Try the grilled cinnamon rolls at breakfast time.