EMS company given charge of Chirurgeon’s Point

By Peregrine Fairchylde

As of early Saturday morning, Pennsic 35 Mayor Baroness Mistress Brise Sanguin has placed Chirurgeon’s Point under the management of NorthWest EMS service of McKees Rock, Penn. First aid services are still available to all War participants free of charge, 24 hours a day, just “under new management,” according to the War’s media liaison, Master Corun MacAnndra.

The exact reason that theWar Chirurgeon and the chirurgeonate staff is no longer running the Point remained undisclosed Saturday afternoon. Responding to written questions submitted through Master Corun, Pennsic 35 Mayor Baroness Mistress Brise Sanguin on Saturday declined to elaborate at that time as to why the changes were made at Chirurgeon’s Point, but did say that no particular SCA policy or procedure was violated to precipitate the action, and that all proper policies and procedures were followed.

Richard Lenhart of NorthWest EMS, a paramedic with six years of experience, said late Saturday morning that the Point will essentially be run the same way it has been: Gentles simply walk in and tell the medical staff what’s wrong.

“We typically have three medics and at least two EMTs (emergency medical technicians)” on duty at all times, said Lenhart. “There will be up to two or three physicians (at the Point) during daylight hours.”

Minor ailments will be dealt with on-site, and patients with serious problems will be taken by ambulance to local hospitals, as has been the practice in the past.

“As far as emergency care, it’s not going to change,” Lenhart said.

One of the primary concerns he said people have brought to the EMS staff was whether NorthWest would have ready access to the confidential medical information that many Pennsic participants have filed with the Point.

“We are not seeing that,” Lenhart assured. “That’s under lock and key and we do not have access.”

If there is a medical need that requires that information, he added, the EMS staff will contact the Pennsic Mayor’s office.
“We can still, in an emergency, get the information from the mayor,” he said.

Lenhart also said that the EMS staff will accept volunteers to assist at the Point, although they will be asked to wear mundane clothes instead of garb.

“We’re already working through thats,” he said. “They will assist us with the minor stuff – basically like it was.”

However, Lenhart said no decision had yet been made about whether apprentice chirurgeons will still be able to continue their training at the War.

“That will have to be something taken up with the Mayor,” he said

Finally, Lenhart said that the EMS staff cannot answer questions about the change, and that those should be directed to the Pennsic Mayor’s staff.


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