Monday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

Unbelted Champions Battle

The annual unbelted champions brawl was a best of three fights affair this year, which was fought on the west side of the battlefield. Cheering crowds from both the Midrealm and the East made for a noisy backdrop.

In each fight, the Midrealm champions attacked from the south and the East champions attacked from the north. The first fight saw both units split at the outset and break off in the small engagements. The East’s forces were able to slowly overwhelm the Dragon and the East won the first fight.

The Dragon’s supporters roared their encouragement to the their troops for the second fight and its champions responded. The bulk of the Midrealm force stayed compact in the center and bulldozed through the heart of the Eastern forces. With the Tyger forces scattered, the Midrealm stayed together and hunted down the remnants to win the second fight.

With the atmosphere at fever pitch for the third fight, the two forces met again and barreled into each other like demons. However, it was the East who seemed to get the better of the initial charge and slowly ground down the Dragon’s forced to win the fight and the War Point for the Tyger.

Both HRM Felix and HRM Brion both complimented the fighters for a well-fought battle. In keeping with tradition, the Midrealm’s unbelted captain presented HRM Brion with a sword to be held until next year’s battle.

Sir TJ’s 30th Anniversary Polearm Tournament

Sir Tojeneraum of Atlantia hosted a polearm-only tournament in honor of his 30th anniversary of being knighted at Pennsic V. Fifteen fighters joined in the double elimination tournament, which was fought using Atlantian conventions for polearm.

The finals of the tournament was fought between a pair of Atlantians as Sir Vladimir Ivanovich Aleksandrov faced Lord Philip ap Griffith. Sir Vladimir best Lord Philip in two straight fights to claim his second victory in a polearm tournament this war.


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