Wednesday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

Allied Champions Battle

After seven War Points: East Tygers 5, Midrealm Dragons 2

One of the most intense combats every year at Pennsic is the Allied Champions’ battle and this year proved no different. This year’s battle was fought over two banners. If one side could seize the other side’s banners and return it to its own side, it would earn a point. The first army to score seven points would win the battle and the war point. Also, fighters were allowed to resurrect only in two or four minute intervals.

About 100 allied champions lined up on each side of the field and charged into each other at the sound of the cannon. In the first 17 minutes of fighting, the two sides traded points, but the Tyger’s allies then took over. Although the East’s allies had one point disallowed for failure to show the banner, the East scored the final five points. Twice the East’s allies timed their attack perfectly so they seized the banner just before the Midrealm allies resurrected and then made Barry Sanders-type runs back to their own side. One time, however, the East tried this trick only to have the fighter with the banner ran down by half of the Midrealm allies.

The end came at the 40:26 mark when fighters from Northshield seized the banner, weaved through traffic and scored the decisive point. The East’s allies won 5-2, giving the Tyger the War Point and, combined with the results from the archery champions the previous evening, a 5-2 lead in the war.

Known World Tourney

TRMs East and Midrealm jointly hosted the Known World Tournament Wednesday afternoon. HRM Brion said he thought it was vital for the two kingdoms to meet on the field, not only in great battle, but also in deeds of arms. To that end, Their Majesties held a tournament with four weapons styles: greatsword, polearm, single sword and sword and shield. The winner in each weapons style would then meet to determine the champion of the day.

The dominant figure on the list this day was Duke Edmund of Hertford of the Midrealm, who won both the single sword and polearm lists and made the finals in the greatsword list before losing to Duke Gregor Von Heisler of the East. In the sword and shield list, Sahcha of Darkmoon from the Midrealm was victorious.

Duke Edmund earned a bye in the semifinals, while Sahcha bested Duke Gregor with the sword and shield. In the finals, Duke Edmund sealed his victory, besting Sahcha with mace and shield. All three list winners were presented scrolls by Their Majesties.

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