Thursday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

Belted Champions Battle

This year’s belted champions battle may have been the most competitive and chivalrous in Pennsic history. Twenty knight champions from the East and Midrealm met each other on the field and the result was a rollicking affair. After a hold was called to allow dead fighters out, five Midrealm fighters and three East fighters remained on the battlefield, though four of the five Midrealm fighters were confined to their knees.

For the next 15 minutes, those fighters left everything on the field, as chants of “East” and “Tyger” clashed with chants of “Midrealm” and “Draco” from a very enthusiastic crowd. In the end, Duke Edmund of Hertford was the last fighter from the Midrealm. HRH Lucan on the East dispatched him.

Both of Their Majesties had high praise for the champions.

“This is what champions should be,” HRM Felix said. “This was a fight fully of chivalry and honor.”

“In all my years at Pennsic, I have seen a fight like this,” HRM Brion said. “I know not if we will see a fight like this again.”

Plate and Mail Tournament

The Historic Combat Series continued Thursday with the Plate and Mail Tournament. Fighters were assigned a number of counted blows depending on how much plate armor they carried. Victory was achieved by striking that number of good blows or thrusting into a vulnerable point.

Seven fighters participated in the tournament and Viscount Geoffrey Scott of the West went a perfect 6-0 in the round robin tournament to claim the title.

Calontir Greatsword Tournament

HRM Semjaka of Calontir hosted his kingdom’s Greatsword Tournament Tuesday afternoon. A total of 23 fighters came out to battle in this double elimination tournament with two-handed swords.

In the end, Sir Brusi Anderson of the Shetlands, a Lochac knight, defeated Calontir’s Duke Irel Krisk of Starre Inn two bouts to one in the final. HRM Semjaka then offered a 14th century greatsword to Sir Brusi as token of his victory, but Sir Brusi requested it be held by His Majesty and named a token for every future champion.

Known World Squires Tournament

The Kingdom of Atlantia hosted the fifth annual Known World Squires Tournament and 91 squires from throughout the Known World came to the list. The list was fought as a double elimination Atlantian speed tournament.

This tournament has been dominated in recent years from squires of House Ebonwoulf in Atlantia and one their household made the finals again. However, Russell Gilnel Tabere needed two win two bouts against Kane Severus of An Tir to take the title, as Lord Tabere came from the loser’s list. Tabere won the first bout, but Severus won the second to claim the title.


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