Tyger forces roar over field

By DonalBane of Blakmers

Battlefield Reporter for the Pennsic Independent

After 11 War Points: East Tygers 8, Midrealm Dragons 3

After a day of cooperation, the Grand Armies of the Midrealm and East got back to competition Thursday as the two armies met for the grand spectacle that is the field battle.

This year’s throwdown on the field would involve two fights, each worth one War Point. Combat archery was allowed in the second battle.

The two sides lined up on their traditional starting points with the Midrealm on the east side of the field and East attacking from the west side of the field.

The Dragon’s forces arrayed themselves with the Tuchux and South Oaken and allied kingdoms to the north; the Great Dark Horde, Ealdormere, Calontir and Darkmoon in the center; and Darkyard, Ironwolf, North Oaken and Lochac to the south.

The East lined up with Atlantia and Rome to the north; Æthelmearc, the Southern and Central Armies in the center; and the Northern Army and other allied kingdoms to the south.

At the sound of the cannon, more than 1,000 fighters charged into the fray. Darkyard went on a mad dash on the extreme southern flank, while the Tuchux did the same on the northern edge of the field. However, both charges eventually ran out of steam and manpower. Meanwhile, East forces in the center created large bulges in the Midrealm line, leading to an untenable position for many Midrealm fighters and allies. At the end of the first fight, the East’s forces in the center had the Midrealm’s forces completely encircled and ground them down. Meanwhile, remnants of House Bloodguard and Rome mopped up the remaining forces to the north. When two forces met in the north center of the battlefield, the cannon sounded, signifying an East victory.

The second fight turned out to be much more a battle of attrition. Whole units from both armies were chewed up in a meatgrinder in the center of the battlefield. In the end, elements of Black Talon and Rome were able to survive the melee and score a victor over the last few remaining Midrealm hardcores.

HRM Brion assembled his jubilant forces and asked his army raise cheers to each and every one of his allies after the battle. HRM Brion thanked the East for their prowess, but was quick to give credit his opponents as well.

“Honor these ladies and gentlemen across the field who met you so valiantly this day,” HRM Brion said. “Without their great prowess we would have nothing to do.”

After the battles, however, it was clear the fighting was not done. The army of Ealdormere marched to the center of the battlefield and threw down a challenge to the East’s Northern Army. This was accepted and the White Wolf met the Northern Star in three rounds of combat, with the Spartans and House Darkmoon joining in the fun.

Today’s big battle: The Broken Field Battle

The Broken Field has a new spin on it this year. As the Midrealm is trailing, they will be given the opportunity to take the field first construct whatever obstacles they can create. The East will then have 60 minutes to destroy the Midrealm army. If they are unsuccessful, the Midrealm takes the final two points. There will be no resurrections.

What to watch for: Unique wall and bridge formations. Much like the town battle, this battle may take some figuring out in its early stages. The onus is on the East to win the battle as the attacker.


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