Unclassifieds - Saturday, August 19, 2006


Sign of the Black Rose Invites the Populace to Join Us In Offering Congratulations to their Artist-In-Residence the Lady S’Avant-Garde, for Her Recent Induction Into the OMICRON DELTA KAPPA National Leadership Honor Society for her work in a landmark program providing Mental Health Counseling to the Deaf. PooBah!

Message from Cabochons: Our address in the merchant booklet is incorrect. Contact us at tchipakkan@eternalviper.net, or Cabochonsgems@yahoo.com

LIBRARIANS! If you are looking for a position and have a sci/tech background, see Fiadnata or Phillip in Flaming Gryphon camp W07

Michael Z. Williamson signing copies of his novels at Cloak & Dagger, space 15.

SEWING HINT: start sewing for next Pennsic NOW. DM25

Ghazalah the henna artist has moved to Willofyre Pottery! Fresh paste made daily!

Chainmail shirts from $100, riveted shirts from $225. Coifs, Gamails, Aventgills too, all at Highland Arms Booth 200

Hi-Res photos of the Children’s Water Battle will be available at no cost about a week after war. - Compliments of Shadowclans. http://www.shadowclans.org

Clean, dry cardboard boxes. FREE! Pick up at Pennsic Independent office.


The Viceroy and Vicereine of the Crown Province of Østgardr, desiring to complete the rolls of all members of the Order of the Seahorse and the rolls of the Champions of Østgardr, from the founding of said honors unto the present day, do hereby call upon all holders of said honors, past and present, or any persons knowing of such service, to make themselves known to the Viceroy and Vicereine at Østgardr encampment (E04) at this the XXXV Pennsic War, or to contact Lady Brithwen De Bores Hulla, Seneschal of Østgardr, at Østgardr encampment or at Brithwen@yahoo.com, upon their returning home.

Do you travel retail? Go wholesale and save!! Plus get 30 free vacations! Call and mention P35 for discount 724-561-7769. Enjoy your mundane life now! Dealers also needed call for inforamation at 724-561-7769 $$$$

Relive Agincourt 10/21/06 in the BMDL. Email: medicmacintyre1521@yahoo.com

Tired of non-medieval etc? Join medieval recreation society! Contact afmoyer@excite.com

Good gentles we wish to express our deepest sympathy at the passing of the youth of the Honorable Lady Alleandara D’Avignon. With heart, brains, and courage, we hope she weathers the tornado of old age, her and her little dog too.

It is with regret that I must announce that my close friend Sabina of Kilkenny will choke to death on Hausenphfeffer in the coming year.

Amazon the Accident Prone and Alex Jaruk Joyfully invite our Pennsic friends and family to stand in circle to witness our vows of marriage Saturday, 7pm, the shade of the Willow tree behind the bathhouse. In deference to our LGBT friends we have taken no government license and will, in Quaker tradition, marry each other without extra clergy. Your presence is the only gift we request. With love, Zon & Alex

Would anyone who knows Cheetah please ask him to check in with Marrakech and Touch the Earth? Thanks.

To members of the Gilded Pearl: There will be a short meeting Saturday 8/19 at noon at Northpass camp X04 corner of Sedailia’s Way and Low Road.

THANK YOU to all that have shopped with us this war. Have a safe trip home, we hope to see you next year. For your last minute shopping for gifts or for yourself, we will be open until 5pm Saturday. Egil & Dananir, Pine Box Traders, Space 126

Help Wanted

Desperately Needed: Burly guy with organizational skills to help pack up the Pennsic Independent this coming Saturday and Sunday. Please inquire at the PI Office.

Seeking Female Assistant! Full time until Thanksgiving. All travel expenses paid. Must be willing to work long hours. Good people skills will help. See Isabell at Merchant space #136 for more details.

Get into Pennsic XXXVI virtually free. Contact Maison Rive, Merchant space #22 or amina.racozy@yahoo.com

Lost & Found

REWARD for return of knife lost in Market. Wood/brass handle, blade marked ANGELSWORD. Claim REWARD @ Lusty Wench, E17, Hill Road & Good Intentions

Red feathers, 3 taped with red tape. Gerrard the Toymaker misses them. Please return to W09.

Armour Basket (suitcase) on battlefield 703.956.0466

LOST: cell phone. HELP, please! Look around Marinus E05

For Sale

Good Gentles... How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker.

Evil Abra says, “Check your silver prices!” We bought last year when silver was $4 an ounce, folk who restocked before Penssic paid $12 per ounce- guess whose prices are going to rock!!! Mention this ad for an extra 10% off any purchase of $100 or more! (Bring friends & shop together for the discount!) Visit The Gypsy Caravan, #107 Street of Gold, open ‘til 11:00 pm nightly.

EMBROIDERY SUPPLIES AND MORE: Silk, Wool, and Linen Embroidery threads, Real Gold Spangles and threads, scissors, needles, Frames and Hoops, Kits, and much more...Also pearls and other beads. FABRIC DRAGON, probably in space 191B, Keep looking, we are worth finding!!

MAIDEN MONGOLIA’S Last Pennsic!!! Stop by #72 to say goodbye, tell a story, hear a joke.

Meet your maker! Buy from your local crafter before they vanish.

Smoke & Fire Co. Space 78 offers a fine selection of Dutch Oven Cookbooks.

Evil Abra’s empire has expanded! New items include sale book selection, the garb annex & 1/2 price clearance corner! Visit the Gypsy Caravan, #107, Street of Gold. Open ‘til 11 pm nightly!

Mention this ad 10% off Silversmith Fine Jewellery custom orders & repairs Cornelius’ Pick Bazaar Z13

Need cooler garb? Try a chiton! Costumes by Loren has cloaks, garb, jewellery, gemstones and much more. Home of Materia Alchemia 166 Fleet Street

BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - Now AVAILABLE From Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?

Ink - Oakgall, walnut walnuthull, absolutely pefectly opaque. $4 per bottle Guild of Limners #24

Evil Abra says, “You can do research at home - read something fun at Pennsic!” See our vast selection of novels, magickal books & fun subjects. All the books are buy 2 get 1 free all war! Most are 1/2 off cover price as well! visit the Gypsy Caravan, #107 Street of Gold, open ‘til 11:00 pm nightly.

Blank Books - hand bound in leather, handmade paper, thick & chunky. $10 - $32 limited supply - Guild of Limners. #24

Recipe for cold feet: find a woman who knits, take her to Forba’s Yarns, Z-14

12’ Yurt for sale, spot 104, Street of Gold - Armlann.

For Sale - Panther Regent Pavilion, 16’x16’, excellent condition, sod cloth, hemp ropes and custom features (no poles). $800 or best offer.

Chateau Merdecheval @ Long Way and Chicane Lane (Block N33). Ask for Harley. Pay and take it immediately!

ATTENTION ALL AT PENNSIC! Claus the Toymaker would like to suggest that next year at Pennsic XXXVI that we choose one day and on that day everyone must dress in his medieval clothes and treat Pennsic as if it were an SCA event. Please stop by his toyshop and let him know what you think of his idea.

Looking for luscious linen and scrumptous silk? Barjavel Historic Fabrics at the Silver Dragon Company, #11 Bow Street. www.barjaveldesign.com

Sheild bosses - hydroformed 6”. Available now. Cloak & Dagger, space 15.

Bad garb, bad garb, what’cha gonna do? What’ca gonna do when the punchline’s you?

Evil Abra has budget amber! Amber rings from $9.95, amber bracelets from $9.95, amber necklaces from $14.95, amber pendants from $9.95, amber earrings from $7.00! Check out our 1/2 price amber boards! Buy $100 worth & get an extra 10% off if you mention this ad! Visit the Gypsy Caravan, #107 Street of Gold, open ‘til 11:00 pm nightly!

Benefit the chirurgeons - - buy an original Pennsic XXXV T- shirt. $10. Available from Claus of Burzee, #24 Merchants Row.

Jewelry repair. Bazaar. $10. each add. hour $6. Cornpick

Four Seasons Tent Masters Oval Marquee 13’W x 22’L x 10’H with 6’ walls. Everything included, canvas, ropes, poles, stakes, and storage bags. See Darkcraft’s Wandering Mercantile, Booth 56. $1000 or B.O.

Bad Garb Old Maid card game - Yes we have ‘em! - from Claus the Toymaker (Who else?)

For sale antique 1830’s rope bed full sz STURDY! Avail NOW! $125 OBO. Seek Desi @ stormvale BTM W08

Glass muller & burnishers from England, also nibs, vellum, parchment, and hand bound leather books - The Guild of Limners, #24

Knilling 10KF Violin outfit - brand new, never used includes case, bow, rosin, pitchpipe. 4’ fine tuners. Retail valu $1500 - yours for $995/or best offer ask for Eiric at Camp Spartii - N15.

SCA Road Signs - “Fighter Practice Area”, “ Danger Viking Territory” and many others, Some new and very silly. Claus the Toymaker, #24

Four Seasons Tent Masters Rectangular Marquee 17’W x 22’L with 6’ walls. Everything included; canvas, ropes, poles, stakes and storage bags. See Darkcraft’s Wandering Mercantile, Booth 56. @2,500 or B.O.

ATTENTION WOAD WARRIORS! Feeling a little blue? I have the real thing! Genuine woad imported from Scotland. $4 Limited supply, buy early. Guild of Limners #24

CLEARANCE on Period Pavilions®: We’re overstocked on gently used Period Pavilions®, and we have no room for new ones. Many sizes, styles and colors available, including faux “buildings.” Good prices on all, up to 55% off. Immediate delivery on some. Space #26. -- Mediaeval Miscellania

FOR SALE: Propane fridge. Needs coolant refill, but otherwise in great condition. Only used for 12 weeks total (6 Pennsics). Was $1400 new, asking $700 or best offer. Camp Testosterone, N31 (large white bear gates). Ask for Berus.

Vellum - - opaline vellum (sheepskin) direct from England. Finest quality sale price $25 per sheet. The Guild of Limners #24, across from the barn.

Evil Abra has a new garb annex! Someone has to dress the peasants! Garb, pants, skirts, dresses & shirts in silk, linen and cotton. Very comfy and most is $15 to $20! Mention this ad for an extra 10% off! Visist The Gypsy Caravan, #107 Street of Gold! Open ‘til 11:00 pm nightly!

HARP: 3 1/2 octave wirestrung believed made by Jay WITCHER. NEW PRICE about $3000. Asking $1000. See Deirdre at Southwind N-30.

BOWED PSALTERY for sale - Mediaeval Misc., Space #26

THE GUILD OF LIMNERS in the little white house on Merchants Row sells ink, quill pens, books, pigments, various colors, madder, woad, all kinds of paint and tools necessar for scribes and artists.

Ltd. Edition cigar boxes & metal signs. House of the Flying Monkey - E01 $10-$40 see Cat. All negotiable.

Midnight is past, but madness continues! $5 off all skirts & jewelry, every 11th yard of trim is free. The bargain bin of DOOM is back! Materialis

Ambrosia Farm Short Mead Kits available once again at Dancing Pig Pottery on Bow Street. Flavors for the Celtic holidays! Brews in 7 to 14 days in a gallon bottle of water. Email sherry@fergesen.com for notes when www.ambrosiafarm.com goes live this fall!!!

The garb has to come off sometime! When it does, try Sane TV! Buttons, magnets, stickers, & tee shirts of all kinds. Get your inner geek on! http://sanetv.com

$5, Pennsic t-shirts!!! While they last, Hammond & Crafts, in the Bazaar, booth Z13. Come and buy!!!


Evil Abra says, “A good lord is hard to find!” Abra thanks Marius for 24 + years of Love, Support, Hard work and putting up with a madwoman. “you’re the best!” Here’s to 24 more! All my love. § Abra

Aurora, Tsivia, Asa, Gwerydd, Beatrice: Where are you? The urchins are revolting! We have no stories! People are throwing their money on the ground! Our webs are hopelessly tangled! What shall we do?!? -- Brains

Vivat Ursus! Vivat Svana!

ROE ADAMS, KEITH DREW or anyone who knows them - please contact Coryn at Mediaeval Misc., Space #26

Hroar to Huette - I look forward to 50 year of joy with you Love X a billion.

Master Hroar Stormganger is departing the Midrealm for Caid in two weeks. Please visit at booth 66.

To the best Mom and Dad in the universe, thank you for my trip to Pennsic. I had a great time. I love you both very much. Aerin

Congratulations to Dawn de la Lune! 30 hours of volunteer service and more at her 1st Pennsic.

Maggie - so glad the last 10 years meant so much. Who are you? Fergus

Maggie - Who are you? - Fergus’ Wife

Maggie - We need to talk. - Fergus’ Mistress

We love and miss you terribly Duchess Luna. Your Northern Ravens

Warning! Moat dragon roaming free! Interspecies romance or kidnapped? Taken between 3am and dawn, would like back! If seen or ransom desired, please see Barony of Bergental, ASAP

A big THANK YOU to my crew, Ysabeau, Tomas, and Keara for the best Pennsic ever!!

Tessa the Amnesiac seeks Torrun from Ohio, Please call: 609-247-5663

Ti - The lotus misses the stem, you are loved. Senni

C Bardicci; My apologies for mouthing off Wed. eve, sometimes the BS (pageantry) gets to me. Sorry.

To the Merchant and the Goat: You make us happy in our pants and it’s not the same without the meat pies. Love Fiona & the rest of Tir Thalor!


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