Serengeti Campers Assist Crash Victims

By Ursula the Widow

for the Pennsic Independent

Dozens of SCAdians responded to a serious traffic accident on I-79 Thursday evening, just north of N19.

The sounds of the crash were heard all along the Serengeti. Many campers rushed to help, carrying first aid kits, fire extinguishers and jugs of fresh water. So many calls were placed to 911 that the emergency phone system was temporarily disabled.

Lord Antonio Vicini, was among the first on the scene, along with a fellow member of the Barony of Brendoken who has EMT training. The two saw an overturned vehicle on the southbound side of the median. A man was on the ground a
few feet from the car. A woman was trapped in the car.

The EMT from Brendoken, who asked not to be named, assessed the male casualty and stayed talking to him and
keeping him motionless. Other SCAdians arriving, including an emergency room doctor and nurse, attended to the female
casualty. NorthWest EMS was there very shortly thereafter and administered oxygen to both casualties. “We were probably
six deep in medical field personnel before the outside authorities showed up,” Antonio said.

Two Pennsylvania state police cars, a Portersville ambulance and a fire rescue truck were on the scene in less than
ten minutes. At that point a decision was made to Life Flight both injured people to hospitals.

The injured man told those on the scene that he had been traveling north when the accident occurred.
Lord Antonio commented, “One of the cool things was that, as the medical people began helping the injured, the SCAdians
who were on the scene who were unable to assist them began directing traffic until the troopers got there.” A trooper took Lord Antonio’s and his friend’s statements.

A PI reporter witnessed two STAT Med Evac helicopters land on the highway then take off shortly after. It is not presently known to what hospitals the two were taken.