Saturday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

for the Pennsic Independent

Tarl’s Little Polearm Tournament II

For the second straight year, THL Tarl Shadowraven hosted a tournament with his favorite weapon style: the polearm. The tournament drew 43 gentles from throughout the Known World.

The polearm-loving fighters engaged in a bear-pit style tournament with four pits. Each fighter earned two points for a win and one point for a loss. The tournament was broken into two 45-minute halves — including a “halftime show” with sword dancing.
After the festivities were over, Count Sir Maynard Von dem Steine won the overall tournament with 134 points. Count Maynard then fought Tarl in a best-of-five fight, which Maynard won 3-1.

Every gentle who attended the tournament walked away with some sort of prize.

Lost Boys Kamikaze Battle

Taking its traditional place as the first large-scale melee of the War, the Lost Boys Kamikaze Battle returned Sunday to the west side of the battlefield. As usual, this “fight all you want” melee brought a large group of gentles for an unlimited resurrection brawl. With the yellow army and the orange army doing battle, victory went to all who had fun.

Individual gentles from throughout the Known World came the fight, including HRM Drogo of Caid. Elements from House Clovenshield, the Tuchux, the East Kingdom’s Northern Army, the Midrealm’s Oaken Army and Black Talon were all spotted in the battle.

St. Michael’s Vespers

After taking a few years off at Pennsic, the Company of St. Michael returned Saturday to compete in deeds of arms. Five members of the company came forward to perform combat to counted blow or with historically accurate combat conditions (thrusts to vulnerable spots, disarming an opponent, driving him to the ground or driving him from the list counted as automatic kills.)

Under the stewardship of Master Galaran de Cressy, Earl Yngvar of Æthelmearc, Lord Murdoch MacArthur of Northshield, Lord Kenneth Mutsorell of the Midrealm, Baron Angus Taylor of East and Baron Robert Downey of the Midrealm participated in the deeds.
The warriors fought with lance, ax, halfsword and dagger for the benefit of several assembled ladies.