Sunday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

for the Pennsic Independent

The Battle of the Thirty

For the third year at Pennsic, a noble group of the gentles assembled to attempt to recreate the Battle of the Thirty, a famous battle from the Hundred Years War. Thirty gentles under Earl Yngvar the Dismal of Æthelmearc represented the English, while Sir Kieran Annach MacLeod of the Midrealm led 30 French gentles.

This fight was fought using historic combat rules, meaning only a thrust to a vulnerable spot on the armor registered a kill. Fighters could also be “stunned” by sustaining three blows to the head. A stunned or yielding fighter could be captured and taken for ransom. Ransoms were paid with fabric, jewelry, furniture and many other fine items provided by the fighters. The first fight was rollicking affair with many ransoms paid on both sides. However, the French were able to score more kills and win the field. In the second, non-ransom fight, the French were able to barrel over their English counterparts.

Known World Unbelted Champions Tournament

The Kingdom of Ealdormere hosted a 15-man unbelted champions tournament for the fourth year. This tournament has gained wide acclaim in its short life and several kingdoms combined their forces for this brawl. TRMs Edouard and Domhnail had high praise for all the teams, but it was Atlantia who won the tournament with a 7-0 record.
Other scores included: Æthelmearc 6-1, East-Middle 5-2, Ealdormere 3-4, Artemisia-Adenveldt-Caid 3-4, Middle-East 2-5, Northshield-Trimaris 2-5, Calontir 0-7.

Duke Olaf’s Two-Sword Tournament

Duke Olaf Askoldsson of Atlantia hosted a tournament for those who favor two swords. Duke Olaf noted, “Two-sword is an elite form and the elite came out to fight today.” The contest was run as a double-elimination Atlantian speed tournament.
The tournament came down to Sir Gabriel of Maccuswell and Ritter Brion Londgraff Von Bellatrix in the finals. Sir Gabriel won the tournament by winning two straight fights.

Warriors of History Tournament

Duchy Von DrakenKlave hosted its second annual Warriors of History Tournament Sunday. The tournament encouraged gentles to bring armor from a specific time-period and encouraged authenticity.

After a melee in which warriors were grouped by century, won by the sixth century team, the warriors took part in a double elimination tournament. Brother Amos the Pius bested Baron Angus Kerr in the finals. Rodrigo Othello Alfonso DeGranada was also recognized for having the finest armor as he took the field in a sixth-century Byzantine kit.

Greybeard Tournament

Fighters who claim “I’m getting too old for this stuff” had no excuse Sunday as the Greybeard Tournament returned for a third year. Nineteen fighters over the age of 50 took part in this year’s double elimination tournament.The finals came down to Sir Bran of Outremer and Master Ruslan Novgorodcev. Master Ruslan won the tournament by beating Sir Bran in two straight fights.


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