Dragon and Tyger beat back the Known World

By DonalBane of Blakmers

for the Pennsic Independent

After two War Points: Midrealm Dragons 1, East Tygers 1

While the archery and rapier champions took center stage on Monday in terms of War points, the armies of the East and Midrealm assembled for the first time to participate the castle battle. However, this time the Tyger and the Dragon forces combined in friendship to take on their allies.

The rules of the battle gave the attackers one hour to overrun the defenders inside the Pennsic fort. The Allied armies were given two resurrections when they attacked, while the East-Middle coalition was given three resurrections. Defenders inside the castle were given no resurrections. In case the fort was overrun, the army that held the fort the longest would be victorious.

The East-Middle coalition defended the fort first. The coalition had the Oaken, Constellation, and Meduseld armies on the east gate, Darkyard, Pentamere and the Southern army on the central gate and the Ulsterblichen and Northern Army on the west gate. At the sound of the cannon, Black Talon and the Tuchux led the first charge over the causeway and into the heart of the coalition’s defenses. For the better part of a half-hour, the defense on all their gates stood firm, despite repeated pulses through central gate by numerous forces. On the west gate, the Atlantian army was able to get through the breach, but there they were checked by the East Kingdom’s defenses.
It was the east gate that fell, despite a dogged resistance from the Midrealm forces holding it. A small force of Calontiri warriors first punched through and made it to the central gate before being dispatched.

With the gate breached, however, the Allies poured everything into the final push. Forces from Black Talon and Æthelmearc swept across the heart of the castle, while Ironlance rushed the remaining defenders on the central gate. The end came when a rising tide of Allies reached the west gate and decimated the final defenders. The cannon sounded at 36:06.

Needing to hold out at least as long to claim victory, the Allies settled in for their turn at defending. Calontir and Ealdormere were sent to the east gate, while Æthelmearc, Black Talon and the Tuchux held the center gate. Atlantia held the outside of the west gate, backed up by warriors from Trimaris and House Clovenshield.

However, TRMs Dag and Gryffith chose a different strategy to attack the fort: they chose to combine their units. The strategy worked. Atlantia had its hands full dealing with a combined assault led by Houses Darkmoon and Serpentia, while the center gate’s forces bowed heavily under the weight of the initial charge.

It was the east gate again which was breached. A combined thrust from the Oaken Army and Ulsterblichen punched a hole in the defenses before a hold was called. After several Midrealm knights symbolically carried off HRM Dag after he was slain near the central gate, a tidal wave of East and Middle fighters flowed through the east gate and swept across the battlefield. The cannon sounded at the 15:30 mark, giving the East-Middle coalition a solid victory.

Both Their Majesties expressed contentment at both the tone of the battle and its outcome.

“It was very heroic on both sides, our Allies and our noble cousins of the Midrealm,” HRM Gryffith said. “We look forward to meeting them again on the field the week.”

“Fighting along with our brothers in the East was meant to increase the friendship between our armies,” HRM Dag said. “I’m completely satisfied with the battle.”

Tuesday’s Big Battle: The Great Wall Battle

Unfortunately, the newfound alliance between in the East and Middle will not last, as the two Great Armies will face each other for the first time in the Great Wall battle. Victory in this 60-minute, unlimited resurrection battle will go to the side which maintain control of three “towers” inside the wall.

What to watch for: Spear duels and counter-charges. On paper, this battle looks to have many elements of the old bridge battles, save the resurrections. And our fencing brothers have a chance to play for a War point on the Great Wall after the heavies.


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