Monday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers

for the Pennsic Independent

Ninth Annual Known World Squires Tournament

The Kingdom of Atlantia hosted its annual Known World Squires Tournament Monday and the event continues to grow in size and prestige. This year, no less than 168 squires participated in this double-elimination Atlantian speed tournament.

The field was narrowed down to three finalists: Lord Simon DeMonte of the East, Lord William Thomas of Atlantia and Lord Theron Andronlkos of Atlantia. The three would fight a round-robin final, which was won by Lord William Thomas with two wins.

Calontir Great Sword Tournament

Lords with big swords (five feet or longer) got a chance to test their prowess before HRM Cadfael of Calontir in this double elimination tournament. Thirteen gentles came out to fight, with Lord Fredrick of Axtery and Sir Hirsh Ross Eichmann making their way to the finals.
The final bout was a best-of-three affair, but it was lengthened due to several double kills. Finally, Sir Hirsh claimed victory 2-1.


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