East Holds Onto Great Wall Before Mother Nature Sweeps Field

By DonalBane of Blakmers

for the Pennsic Independent

After five War points: East Tygers 3, Midrealm Dragons 2

Under threatening skies on Tuesday, the Grand Armies of the East and Midrealm faced off for the first time this Pennsic as the Tyger and Dragon stormed to the top of the Great Wall.

This new battle was fought over one long wall with three “towers” inside, with each side having two breach points to assault the wall. The battle was scheduled for 60 minutes with unlimited resurrections. Ownership of each tower was signified by a raising a blue or red flag on a post at the center of each tower. Holding onto a tower for the majority of the battle earned one War point.
The East’s forces mustered on the north side of the wall. The Great Northern Army led the charge at the Tyger’s east breach point and was joined by elements from Meridies, Markland and the East’s Western Allies. On the Tyger’s west breach point, the Ulsterblichen and Black Talon led an international coalition, which included forces from Ealdormere, the Southern Army and the Tuchux.
Meanwhile, the Midrealm forces assembled on the south side of the wall. The bulk of the Midrealm army posted itself on the east breach point and was joined by forces from Calontir and Trimaris. The western breach point was entrusted to Æthelmearc and Atlantia.
At the sound of the cannon, a mad dash from both sides began towards the towers. Being closer, the Northern Army was able to get to the east tower quickly, despite a determined attack by Darkyard. Likewise, the Atlantians quickly rushed the west tower and were able to repulse the first attempts on the tower by Black Talon.

The bulk of the fighting happened around the central tower. Fast-moving troops from the Ultsterblichen were able to seize the tower early, but found themselves under heavy assault from House Clovenshield. As both sides rushed in forces, the central tower became a most pit of spears and polearms. A determined countercharge by the Tuchux gave the East’s forces just enough room to claim the tower and organize the defenses.

For the rest of the fight, the lines remained relatively static, with the bulk of the fighting contained on the wall between the east and central towers. The Midrealm forces threw everything they had at both towers, but through they were able to get into the towers, the banners never were changed.
Meanwhile, forces from Æthelmearc and Atlantia took turns manning the front lines in the west tower. They were able to repulse charge after charge from the East’s forces.

The battle was scheduled to go for an hour, but the flow of the fight was slowed by numerous holds. Then, at about noon, the battle was brought to an abrupt halt due to lightning.

After conferring with TRMs Dag and Gryffith, Duke Brannos, marshal-in-charge, declared the battle over, giving the East two war points and the Midrealm one for each tower they held.

The ensuing storm was a full-blooded Pennsic beast, which forced all other heavy fighting activities on Tuesday to be cancelled.

Wednesday’s Big Battle:

The Field Battle

And now, my lords and ladies, its time for the main event. If Mother Nature cooperates, upwards of 1,500 fighters will meet each other in this last-man-standing affair. There will be three fights this year, each worth one War point, with combat archery and siege weapons allowed in the third.

What to watch for: The first charge. I’ve heard many say you can feel the first charge of the Pennsic field battle. It remains one of the greatest spectacles in the Known World.


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