Midrealm Powers Through East, Sweeps Field

By DonalBane of Blakmers

for the Pennsic Independent

After 12 War points: Midrealm Dragons 7, East Tygers 5

The Grand Armies of the East and Midrealm met again Wednesday for one of the biggest spectacles in the Known World: the field battle. With the Dragon’s rapier warriors having tied the War earlier in the morning, the lead in the War was up for grabs as the East lined up on the west side of the field and the Midrealm assembled on the east side.

It was clear that the Midrealm and its allies possessed numerical superiority, a key factor in past field battles. While there was some fluctuation, the Dragon forces generally arrayed themselves with Northshield, Calontir, the Great Dark Horde and Æthelmearc to the north, the bulk of the Midrealm army in the center and Atlantia to the south.

The outnumbered East warriors attempted to use strategy to offset their numbers. For the first fight, the East deployed Ealdormere to the south, Black Talon and East army forces to the center and Markland and Tuchux to the north.

The first battle saw both armies march into the center. The East made the first charge, but they were nearly enveloped. To the north, the Æthelmearc, Calontir and Northshield forces went the length of the field and crunched through the Tuchux and other forces. After overrunning the East’s units, the remnants of the northern force joined a spiraling melee in the center. House Clovenshield was first on the scene, signaling the demise of the dwindling East forces.

For the second battle, the East shifted Black Talon, Ealdormere and most of its other forces northward. Only the Tuchux stayed to the extreme south of the battlefield. The East’s forces did not move from their muster points until the Midrealm was three-quarters across the field.

The Northern Army and Ulsterblichen broke first, attempting to drive a dagger through the Midrealm’s central lines. To the south, Atlantia and Tuchux went at it like dogs, but Atlantia’s superior forces prevailed.

To the north, Northshield and Ealdormere were in a mosh pit, but Æthelmearc’s arrival sealed the White Wolf’s fate. The Midrealm forces in the center engaged in holding actions against the East until it was clear the Tyger was losing manpower. The end came with the Midrealm’s central and northern forces squeezing the final Eastern remnants.

The third fight allowed for combat archery, but it availed the East little more luck. This time, Black Talon took the north side and Tuchux and the Uslterblichen took the south. Once again, the Midrealm’s forces on the north swept the field and this time turned the corner and headed south.

Meanwhile, the Midrealm’s forces were able to completely encircle the East’s forces in the center, with Ironlance closing the trap from behind. With the forces to the north and center eradicated, the whole of the Midrealm army marched south to join Atlantia in a relentless final squeeze on the Tuchux on the extreme northern edge of the battlefield.

Having seen his forces sweep all three fights, Sir Theodric, General of the Midrealm army, was beaming after the fight. “The whole damn army performed above the call today,” Theodric said. “The excellence of this army and its allies was shown in every single fight.”


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