Harsh weather rocks camp

By Julie for the Pennsic Independent

SCAdians were mostly unfazed by the torrential downpours, lightning and thunder Tuesday afternoon and early Wednesday morning.

The greatest impact was on the battlefield and rapier lists where a tent and a kingdom pavilion were lost and events were pushed back and rescheduled. Elsewhere, there were minor injuries and fallen tents.

The Kingdom of Trimaris reports its battlefield pavilion was blown over about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, but the kingdom recovered its thrones and reformed in time for the day’s battles. Otherwise, “we fared very well,” reports Mistress Navah. Though rains poured through the area early Wednesday, the kingdom’s Swamp area camp, which is surrounded by water on three sides, had no serious flooding, and festivities continued as scheduled.

At the rapier list, the greatest impact was on the schedule. The Rapier Great Wall War Point Battle was moved from Tuesday to Wednesday and the Atlantian 5-man Melee took place in the afternoon, rather than the morning. The schedule itself was pushed ahead two hours, organizers reported. Volunteers at the rapier list said they noticed a tear in their large tent Tuesday just before it began raining and took it down. They used smaller pavilions to house organizers and marshals.

First Aid Point reported that they treated some people for sprained ankles who had fallen in the wet conditions, but otherwise there were no injuries. Chirurgeon’s volunteers and Public Safety performed their usual patrols as is customary during storms and reported no serious problems. There were reports of a few downed tents, but no significant problems, according to volunteers at Information Point.


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