Wednesday Battlefield Report

By DonalBane of Blakmers for the Pennsic Independent

Rapier Great Wall Battle

After Tuesday’s storm cleared the battlefield, the rapier fighters had to wait until Wednesday to play on the Great Wall. They arrived first thing Wednesday for a best-of-three fights affair, with the winner earning one War point.

Each fight was to be to the last man, but it became obvious early the Midrealm and its allies had a huge numerical superiority (it was believed the East had about 75 fighters to more than 200 for the Midrealm).

As such all of the fights turned out to be over in less than 10 minutes, as the Dragon’s fencers cleared the wall in short order. The win gave the Midrealm the War point, tying the War at 3 each.

Unbelted Champion Battle

The annual unbelted champions melee brought out a large, loud crowd of spectators. Forty unbelted champion for the East and Middle barreled headlong into each other. The Midrealm seemed to get the better of a flanking engagement, but the East was able to control the main brawl by staying more compact. Slowly, the East ground down the Midrealm forces, earning a War point for the Tyger.

Belted Champions Battle

About 20 minutes after their unbelted brethren had fought, 20 belted champions from the East and Midrealm met. Both sides attempted to flank each other, but the combat ended up getting splintered into almost single combat. The East dominated the field until the Duke Brannos, the last Midrealm champion, was dispatched from his knees.

Allied Champions Battle

Champions from around the Known World always say the Allied Champions Battle is one of the most fun battles at Pennsic. This year’s fight was no exception. This year’s battle was a 30-minute SCA-style game of capture the flag. The field saw 80 Midrealm allies and 80 East allies go at it, with resurrections allowed at two-minute intervals.

Anchored by forces from Atlantia and Æthelmearc, the Midrealm allies had a better time grabbing the East’s flag and sprinting across the field with it. After 30 minutes, the Midrealm allies had scored a decisive victory, notching five flag captures to one for the East.


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