Midrealm Seizes the Woods

By DonalBane of Blakmers

for the Pennsic Independent

After 15 War Points: Midrealm Dragons 9, East Tygers 6

The Grand Armies of the Midrealm and East were able to dodge the storms long enough Thursday to compete in a Pennsic original: the Woods Battle. This year’s battle was a 90-minute, unlimited resurrection fight over three banners. Possession of each banner earned each side a War point.

The Midrealm took the long way up, entering the battle from the north with its numerically superior force.

Ealdormere attempted to raise its army’s spirits by bringing forth its polar bear contingent. These bears showed the way to the East’s entrance in the south.

At the sound of the cannon, fighters charged up the slopes and into the fray. According to reports from the front, the Midrealm’s forces were able to seize the Midrealm and central banner on its initial charge, while the East was able to seize its own banner.

Gentles coming from within the battle said the East’s strategy was to concentrate its forces on holding its own banner. Despite repeated charges from the Midrealm forces, the banner was held as Black Talon, the Tuchux and others put up a dogged resistance.

A collection of East fighters held the banner at the end in the face of a final Midrealm charge.

At the Midrealm banner, the Dragon’s forces were well entrenched and held on with little trouble. Forces from the Midlands army were seen bringing the banner out of the woods.
While the central banner saw more action during the course of the battle, one female fighter from House Ironwolf claimed she had possession of the banner for the full 90 minutes. Forces from Ironwolf, Cleftlands and Middle Marches emerged from the woods with the banner, giving the Midrealm a 2-1 win.

Jubilant forces from the Midrealm and Æthelmearc gathered together after the win. HRH Palymar spoke on behalf of HRM AnneMarie.

“On behalf of her Majesty, I want to thank you all for your efforts today,” HRH Palymar said. “You came out here when others did not. When others stayed out, you kept going in. You are all true heroes and true warriors.”

HRM Rurik of Æthelmearc had high praise for both kingdom’s commanders and warriors.
“No one failed in their task,” HRM Rurik said. “Everyone did what they needed to do. We have worked hard to set up a command structure and it worked flawlessly today.”

Friday’s Big Battle: The River Battle

The final major engagement of the War will be a last-man standing affair. There will be three bridges over a 90-inch wide river, which will split the battlefield into north and south portions. Fighters can “ford” the river on their knees.

What to watch for: Quick moving engagements. This fight looks to have the soul of the field battle and bridge battle intertwined. The lack of combat archery means fording the river will not be suicide as it was last year. Look for the battle to flow quickly for the final two heavy weapons War points.

Rescheduled events

The Rapier Woods Battle, postponed on account of weather, is now at 2 pm today. Muster is at 1. East Kingdom Rapier is cancelled.


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