To Our Friends in Uniform

By Julie for the Pennsic Independent

Men and women of the SCA currently serving overseas in the armies and navies of many countries, we send a grand salute to you from Pennsic XXXVI. As you are stationed in foreign lands and perhaps in the midst of real life battle, providing support to combatants or serving in some other way that keeps you from being here, please know that you are always in our hearts. We hope that next year you will be back here fighting war the way it should be fought, pummeling each other with rattan and blunted sabers by day and reveling in friendship each night.

As usual, the fickle weather here in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc has left us withered by the heat and dampened by the rain, sometimes all in the same day. But, the Pennsic spirit is as strong as always, and we are persevering here in the wooded hills of the Debatable Lands. Our combatants take the field as weather permits, and the Midrealm and the East vie for points on every front. Crafters, artisans and entertainers continue to entertain and educate us. There is hardly a corner without a musician or juggler making us dance or laugh as we enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate milk from the Cooper’s Store.

Everywhere are the sounds of Pennsic, a mixture of musicians on medieval instruments, the “Oyez, Oyez” of heralds spreading news, and the clunk of fighters’ weapons meeting with armor on the battlefield. At night, the drums beat into the wee hours as dancers sway around firelight and revelry emits from the Swamp.

Soon we will be breaking camp for Pennsic XXXVI, and preparations for next year have already begun. As we pack up our tents, our combat gear, our garb, and everything else, we hope that next year you will be here. Until then may the spirit of Pennsic be with you.


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