It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

By Grizzly for the Pennsic Independent

This year at Pennsic has been a wet one—activities have been canceled and plans have been put on hold. What do SCAdians do to pass the time when the hatches have been battened down, everyone is safe and dry and the only thing to do is ride the storm out?
I wandered around the camp today when the weather allowed and I looked around, listened and asked that very question.

There is a camp along the road on the back side of the lake where the inhabitants prefer to spend their evenings relaxing in camp and watching Pennsic TV — watching people wander past their camp on their way to and from the evenings activities. Those of you who have taken that particular evening stroll have seen the large wooden frame along side the road in the shape of a television. When the evening’s entertainment is good enough it is rewarded with a small token of appreciation.

When the rain made it unsuitable to even sit in camp and catch up on a little television, what did they do to pass the time until the gods blessed us once again with a little sun? They retreated under a dining fly and into a giant game of Risk.

Many SCAdians are gamers. They play roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Risk, just about any cared game, and World of Warcraft—but usually not here. At Pennsic you get the opportunity to try your hand at period games and do a little wagering with buttons, handmade coins or marshmallows.

Shopping is also a big event at Pennsic. Most SCAdians are shoppers at heart. The rain held off for Midnight Madness the other night and the streets were filled with shoppers, but even in the rain today I saw people browsing through the merchant tents and asking ”how much?”

But the one activity I saw everywhere without fail was conversation. People can retire to their tents or the barn, telling stories or catching up with one another. “Guess what I saw at this booth,” ”How have you been? “ “No___ there I was…”

Everywhere I turned people were taking and sharing stories. We are a friendly bunch, and there’s nothing we like to do more than sit down and talk, catch up with old friends, tell old stories to newcomers and tell big tales about those no longer here. After all, the “S” in SCA stands for Society.

Most people I know, when getting ready for an event are looking forward to fighting or to how they’re going to do in A&S, but most of all they look forward to reconnecting with friends they don’t get to see very often.

I’m not much of a gamer and I wasn’t born with the shopping gene, but if you want chat I’m all ears and I’ve got one or two for you guaranteed to get a laugh.

“No ___ there I was at Pennsic. It was raining and…”