Youth Archers Take Their Bests For Championships

By Krystoff for the Pennsic Independent

Another morning broke to the pitter-patter of rain and little feet up on the archery range as Youth Archery Marshal Bran Voloughderg oversaw putting the final touches on the Youth Archery Champions Shoot. In spite of stormy skies and the early hour, children began turning up to take part in what could only be called “a chance for the kids to shoot like adults.” With a turnout last year of thirty-five young competitors, it was hoped that more would make the early trip up the hill.

Now five years and running, this event gives children the opportunity to take on the same type of shooting scenarios that the adults do, only on an appropriately smaller scale. One thing that was certainly not lesser in any fashion was the amount of fun had by all those who came out to participate.

With a woods-based shoot informally called ‘The Insidious Monsters of the Wood’, kids could move between stations set with targets and at ranges set up for both age groups of archers. Targets included such things as Monty Python’s Dark Knight and Killer Bunny, a Lizardman, a Horse-headed man, various disembodied papier-mâché heads, and last but certainly not least everybody’s favorite Pokemon, Pikachu. With prizes for the top three finishers that included not only arrows and accompanying quivers, but also a silver arrow for first place, competition was sure to be fierce.

With the forest updated for challenging content since last year, it was a much more intense shoot that would ensure the monsters at least a slim chance of escaping in the face of overwhelming forces.

The morning weather held long enough for the children to take aim and fire at their dangerous forest foes with only a single shower to even attempt to dampen their spirits. At the end of the morning, it was obvious the enemies were much the worse for wear, and the children were that much better for having challenged themselves to the task of defending their kingdoms. Bran, observing the children as they gathered attentively for instructions, noted that if this was to be the future of archery in the SCA, it was to be a bright one indeed.

Congratulations go out to all of our winners. In the nine and under group, Cameron from Midrealm scored 65, and walked away with a bow from Elk Ridge Archery and a medallion commemorating the victory. Ceridwen from Atlantia placed second with a score of 52, winning a quiver and arrows from Greybarr’s Archery. Thomas, 7, from the Midrealm placed third. In the ten to thirteen year old division, Nathan from Midrealm won the division with 85 points, and received a quiver and arrows from Greybarr’s Archery.

Second place went to Brianna of the Midrealm, who took home a quiver donated by Elk Ridge Archery. Third place went to Eldrik from Atlantia. Breccan, of the fourteen to seventeen year old division took the win at his first Pennsic and goes home with a set of arrows donated by Greybarr’s. Second place was awarded to Josh from the East, who received a beautiful chess set. A quiver donated by Elk Ridge went to Delaney of Æthelmearc who placed third.

Mistress Roewynne Langley would like to send out her special thanks to the parents and youth archers for another wonderful year on the Youth Range. Also deserving of many thanks are Greenwood and Scarlet Guard for their dedication to Youth Archery. Extra special thanks go out to Master Jackapo, Master Robert the Grey, Mistress Baroness Tamar, Master Mark Squirrelsbane, Jarl Tarquin, Countess Aibhilin, and Aduke Colum, as well as all those who have helped. Final thanks go out to Megge of Man, a parent who has helped a great deal over the years, as well as the sponsors of the competition, Greybarr’s Archery, Elk Ridge Archery, and Delights of Cathay.


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