Push for 1500

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, Pennsic Independent Editor-in-Chief

Have you come to Pennsic to get all the fighting in you possibly can? Viscount Geoffrey Scott has. He hopes to fight 1500 bouts at Pennsic — and you might be able to help.

Viscount Geoffrey, a 37-year old resident of the West Kingdom and squire to Sir Geoffrey Mathias, has been in the SCA over twelve years and was inspired by another fighter's quest to fight 1000 fights. "Believing that goals should be something that one should strive for, I therefore set a goal that I was unsure that I could reach," he says. "I needed a number that would really push me. I chose 1500."

While Viscount Geoffrey has never fought anywhere near that many bouts over a period of a couple of weeks, he has fought over 100 bouts on a single day at one particular event for the past five years. "This year, we met our goal to fight 120 battles in a single day. Each year we benefit a different charity. This year it was the Crohns and Colitis Foundation."

Viscount Geoffrey's personal challenge has, however, now become Royal Decree. King Uther of the West Kingdom has ordered him to complete it before appearing before him at Purgatorio the weekend after Pennsic to accept the accolade of knighthood. Viscount Geoffrey says, "There is no longer any doubt as to whether I can achieve my goal. I shall honor my word and my King. I shall fight 1500 fights." Viscount Geoffrey also intends to fight the battles at Pennsic as well. Viscount Geoffrey reached 1000 fights by Friday evening, added 150 more on Saturday, and hopes to finish his quest by today.

Those who wish to help Viscount Geoffrey fulfill his quest will find a man who loves to fight in many styles-from a pas d'armes, with matched weapons at the barrier, to "mad dog" tourneys in which the fighters fight as many challenges as they can during the time allotted for the tourney, with one point for each fight and another for each victory. His armor is currently late 14th century transitional plate, and he says the weapons forms he has been using most often are sword and heater and sword and buckler.

Viscount Geoffrey plans to spend as much time as he possibly can on the battlefield. Look for his arms: Azure, a chevron and in base a compass star, Or.

Photo by Liam St. Liam: Viscount Geoffrey Scott, left, prepares to fight King Draco of Lochac as part of his quest to fight 1500 bouts in preparation for his elevation to the Order of Chivlary.


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