Saturday Tournament Wrap-Up

By Donal Bane of Blakmers, Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

Outlands Unbelted Tournament

About 30 gentles came to the field to participate in the first major tournament of Pennsic: the Outlands Unbelted Tournament. Under the watchful eyes of TRM Giovanni and Cainnleach of Outlands, the gentles fought in two round-robin line tournaments until the top eight fighters were determined based on the number of wins.

Once the final eight were determined, the tournament went to a single elimination bracket. The finals saw Sichelgaita von Halstern of the East face off Prince Hrodir Vigagein of Northshield. Striking a blow for all women fighters, Sichelgaita first legged Hrodir and then bested him with blow to the head. She was awarded a table by Their Majesties for her effort.
HRM Cainnleach also presented another table to Hedinn Inn Raudi of the East, who showed great courage in his very first tournament.

Judicial Combat — Historic Combat Series

The Historic Combat Series opened war week with Judicial Combats, a tournament modeled after German judicial combats of the 15th century. Eight gentles took part in the tournament where each gentle game armed with dagger, short spear and bastard sword. Killing blows could be registered by face thrusts, trusts to the elbow and armpit, three head blows with the sword or being knocked to the ground or driven from the list.

The round-robin tournament ended with Sir Vladimir Aleksandrov winning six fights to take the tournament.

One schedule note: due to the Known World Squires' Tournament occurring on Thursday, the Plate and Mail Tournament for the Historic Combat Series has moved to Friday at 2 p.m.

Photo by Heirusalem Crystoma: The Pennsic battle and archery range stand ready for a week of fighting and archery.


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