Come All Ye Olde Photographers

By Kathyrn de Wrytar
Features Reporter

Photography is not an art that you can receive a laurel for; however, Master Phillip the Pilgrim is working hard to find a way for photographers to be recognized. Looking forward to Pennsic XLIII, Master Phillip will be conducting a Society- Wide Photography Competition to recognize and honor those who have a love for the SCA and enjoy capturing our passion for the Middle Ages in pictures.

The idea, according to Master Phillip, has caught on quickly and interested photographers are gathering. Entries are not limited to recent photos, either. Remember that fantastic picture you snapped in 2000? That can be entered as well. Up to four entries a person allows entrants to participate in one or all of the judged categories: combat/action, royalty/at court, SCA Life, and Kids in the SCA. Judging will be made for the entries on creativity, photographic and artistic quality, and effectiveness in presenting aspects of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The contest is not aimed at professional photographers, but rather those amateurs who love and live the society at large. By allowing entries from any SCA activity, Master Phillip anticipates that the variety will be interesting and allow members to see other events and kingdoms outside of their area. Since entries can be submitted through Master Phillip, it also gives a chance for those who cannot attend our beloved event to participate.

Submissions for the contest should be printed at a photo center to produce the best result for presentation. Conversions to black and white or sepia are welcome; however, excessively photoshopped entries are not allowed. Also not allowed are digital framing or multiple exposures in one photo. More specific discussion of the ins-and-outs of the competition will be made available shortly.

Judges for the contest next Pennsic will be a group of professional photographers and artists who will decide the finalists of each category. The new barn area will be used to display the photos to the populace where all will be able to cast a vote as well. Deadlines for entries will be May 1, 2014 to allow for the best preparation of submitted photos. Master Phillip is still considering a prize process, but hopes that Pennsic vendors and supporters will contribute to this exciting new way to celebrate the talents of our organization and the people in it.
In hopes that this contest will continue each year, Master Phillips is looking to the 50th anniversary of the SCA as a potential historic celebration of the event through photos. To explore the possibility, Master Phillip may have some technical issues to overcome; however, delving into the past will be worth the effort.
Since the planning and final arrangements were made during this war, the rules of competition and submission guidelines will not be available until September of this year. If you are interested in participating, or know someone who you want to encourage doing so, you can look for information on HYPERLINK "" or email HYPERLINK "" after September 1st.