Sunday Battlefield Wrap-up

By Donal Bane of Blakmers
Pennsic Independent Battlefield Correspondent

Battle of the Thirty

Following opening ceremonies, HRM Felix of the Middle and Count Rhys of the East assembled two sides of 30 fighters in an attempt to recreate the conditions of the famous Battle of the Thirty from the Hundred Years War. The battle was conducted under period fighting conditions, meaning that kills would be registered to thrusts to vulnerable spots and being knocked to the ground. Also, fighters that sustained three head blows were considered “stunned” and could be escorted from the field for ransom.

HRM Felix’s side, which represented the French, was able to decimate Count Rhys’ force (the English) until Rhys himself was the last man to fall. Many ransoms were paid out by chivalry afterwards.

The battle was so well received that two gentles, Sir Philippe dePamiers of the Midrealm and Count Valharic of Atlantia, stepped forward to serve as next year’s captains.

HRM Felix did not mince words when describing the battle.
“That was one of the best combats that I have ever been involved in,” Felix said. “Her majesty of the Middle took more pleasure in watching that fight that when I won crown tourney.”

Count Rhys was similarly impressed.
“I was honored to be a part of this,” Rhys said. “For just a moment, we left the SCA and touched the Middle Ages.”

Ealdormere 15-Fighter Unbelted Tournament

Eight teams of 15 unbelted fighters came forth for a rollicking round robin tournament that impressed many gentles. In the end, East 1 ended up winning, going 7-0 in the tournament. For the efforts, HRM Berus of Ealdormere presented Angus the Bruce with flowers to present to HRM Geneviere and Lady Shiro with a sword for HRM Kelson. Other record from the tournament included: East 2 – 5-2, Atlantia 5-2, Midrealm 4-3, Æthelmearc 4-3, Atendvelt 2-5, Ealdormere 1-6 and Trimaris 0-7

Concordia 10-Fighter Tournament

The 10-fighter tournament ended up being a five-fighter tournament fought between four teams. In the end a team names “Three Rights, One Wrong and Just Some Duke” won the tournament. The team consisted of Sir Vladimir Alecksandrov, Sir Rodrigo Falcone, Lord Kaloch Von Zweekl, Duke Paul of Bellatrix and Duke Ragnar Blackhammer.

Known World Novice Tournament

A total of 48 fighters with less than two years fighting experience from across the Known World participated in the Known World Novice Tournament. The fighters were separated into seven round-robin pools, with the top two fighters advancing to the semifinal round robins.

The semifinal round robins were won by Lord Donovan Cardal of the Midrealm and Lord William Thomas of Atlantia. Those two faced off in a best-of-three final, which was won by Lord Donovan with two straight wins.

Lost Boys Fort Battle

The Boys were back in town and they brought plenty of friends with them in their annual “fighting for fighting sake” brawl at the fort. As usual, constantly switching passages and different fighter levels kept the assembled rattan warriors in good spirits.

Monday’s featured melee: The field battle – 11 a.m., three war points (one per fight)

For spectators and fighters alike, this is the proverbial big one. Witnessing the first charge of the field battle remains of the biggest thrills in the SCA. For that reason, spectators should try to get to the battlefield early as watching space will be at a premium.

What to look for: In the field battle, static lines lead to quick deaths. Victory usually goes to whichever side can keep its units together and keep them moving throughout the battle.


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