Cut and Thrust Tourney Attracts 12

By: Lady Noelle de la Plume
Rapier Correspondent

Fighting in the SCA is evolving and cut and thrust “closely approximates actual combat with a sword,” Sir Johan ColdIron said, which means SCAdians are becoming even more accurate. Johann won the tourney with 11 wins, with 12 fencers participating.
The Known World Cut and Thrust Tourney on Monday was run by Warder Kai Tseng of the Midrealm, who has been authorized in cut and thrust for the past six years. This was his first year running the tourney.The tourney was run in single form round robin with best two of three. Any valid shot to anywhere on the body was a dead shot. Everyone kept track of his or her own scores.
Kai noted at the end of the tourney how they had steel sword fighters from Calontir. This was significant because Calontir only just legalized rapier combat and it isn’t very common for fencers to authorize in cut and thrust. The two representing Calontir were Lord Rolant of Falconskeep and HL Luckie of Falconskeep.
“We got to fight a whole bunch of new people,” Luckie said. “We do cut and thrust a lot in Kingdom and don’t get to fight people outside of it much.”
Cut and thrust began six years ago in an attempt to more accurately represent sword fighting in the Middle Ages.
“This is the next evolution in sword combat and makes it a more complete sport,” Kai said. “Everyone who came out had a good time with it.”