Update from our Publisher in-Absentia

As our regular readers know, Heirusalem, publisher of the Pennsic Independent, has not been able to attend Pennsic for the past few years as she helps her daughter, Patty, fight the rare childhood cancer neuroblastoma, although she is still involved in managing things outside of Pennsic. Here is an update on how things are going:
“Patty has changed her SCA name from Fauna of Rivenstar to Myra of Rivenstar. We are still waiting for some sort of effective treatment for her. I know last year we were in one of those clinical trials, but she was removed from it on a technicality. It seemed to be working, so we are hoping that it becomes an open trial or standard treatment soon. In the meantime, she is on a sort of maintenance chemo, which appears to be holding the solid tumor at bay, but she can only be on it for so long before it will stop working. At her age, with refractory (treatment resistant) stage four neuroblastoma, we should have lost her a long time ago. Her current prognosis is less than three years unless we find an effective treatment.”
She recently suffered and is recovering from an infection in her main line (used for the chemotherapy), but will be able to go on a planned family vacation.
Continues Heirusalem “I am in awe of how quickly she bounces back from these things and what an incredible fighter she is without even knowing how hard she IS fighting. I’d pit her against anyone in any Crown list or battlefield.”
The Pennsic Independent continues to accept donations towards Patty’s care at the newspaper office. Thank you all for your continuing care and concern.