Roundup of Rapier Tournaments

By: Lady Noelle de la Plume
Rapier Reporter

Wednesday there were four tourneys held: Atlantian 5-man Melee, Greybeard Tournament, Known World Baronial Rapier Champions Tourney and the Æthelmearc Rapier Novice Tourney. Many prizes were earned and a lot of fencers were squeezed in.
In the morning was the Atlantian 5-man Melee where people chose their fencing team to compete against the Known World. The teams were limited to two martial high orders per team. The team that won was the “Rainbows and Kittens” team with Baron Maximilian der Zauberer, Lady Azriel Le Fay, Lord Fearghas Buchannon, Baron Blayde and Cole O’Doran.
The Greybeard Tournament was only for people 50 years or older. This year they had 24 combatants and the oldest was 68. It was run as a pool tourney with four pools of six fencers, then those top fencers went to semifinals. The semis were best two out of three and the finals best three out of five. First place was Professor Pieter van Doorn and Sean Wallace placed second.
The tenth annual Æthelmarc Rapier Novice Tourney had 52 fencers participating. The tourney was open to any authorized rapier combatant with less than three years from their first rapier authorization. The tourney was run as a multiple bear pit tourney with everyone receiving a prize from the prize chest. The prizes were donated by merchants from Pennsic: Darkwood Armory, Gypsy Peddler, Reconstructing History, Zen Warrior, Dragon’s Magic and online merchant First place went to Adelulf Degen and second place was Doroga Voronin.
Run by Baron Maximilian der Zauberer and Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel, the Known World Baronial Rapier Champions tourney brought 22 fighters. It was a pick-up tourney where the goal was to get acquainted with the other baronial champions. The winners were determined by their talent, dress and how they responded to interview questions. Lady Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr, the rapier champion of Middle Marches, won first place because she personifies all the qualities a champion should have. Lady Keaghan the Swift, the rapier champion of North Woods, won second place because almost every fencer told the Barons and Baronesses that she was bouncy and fun.
Friday, the last day of Pennsic War, there will be two tourneys and one more war point: the 4th Annual Pennsic Cadet Tournament, the 4th Annual Pennsic Don/Dona Tournament and the Rapier Bridge War Point.