Contest Results
Known World Petanque Championship After quickly dispatching all natives in 2 rounds in semi, Snot Rockets & Manwhore were out. At last Medieval Beaver went to finals but Meade House took the trophy home 13 to 5. Well done everyone.

Events Open to All
SUPER SECRET WIZARD ROCK SHOW - Hey, Harry Potter fans, join the Blibbering Humdingers, Thursday 9pm behind Camelot Treasures - Booth 30. Come to our show at Dragon*Con too!

For Sale
ATTENTION WOAD WARRIORS! Feeling a little blue? I have the real thing! Genuine woad imported from Scotland. $4, limited supply, buy early. Guild of Limners #26.
Chilly? Misty Tower has cloaks to warm you. Space 28
Henna paste, dark natural color, made fresh on-site, sifted powder, body art. Daily at Kafe Merhaba.
For sale: SCA Road Signs - “Fighter Practice Area”, “Danger: Viking Territory”, and many others, some new and very silly. $5 each. Claus the Toymaker. #26.
Djembe 26 inch tall 13 inch head 309-361-0055
12x22 Panther, barely used! All poles, ropes, stakes incl. See AJ or Gabrielle at House Gray Fox in N18. Pick up on last Friday. $1100 OBO.
Glass muller & burnishers from England, also Mitchell nibs, vellum, parchment and hand bound leather books - The Guild of Limners, #26
Panther Pavilion for sale. 15 X 20 Sunforger canvas! Custom set-up package and ridge pole. Black striped top with black and red dags. Large awning and 7’ walls and extra heavy duty ground cloth. $2,500 or best offer- must sell. Call Lady Morag 727-804-5193
20 yds tapestry fabric needs a new home $175 firm. At The Bee Folks, near Coopers Store
For Sale Agate Burnishers - bone ivory & horn handles - hand carved - also dog tooth and carnelian. Guild of Limners, #26.
Panther double bell wedge w/awning and fitted floor. 12x16 complete setup package. Used 2x. $850 neg. at Foxheart on St. Lawrence Way or (301)802-6623
Sword sale! Warehouse clearance. Dent, ding, discontinued. 2nd week of War, La Wren’s Nest B#185
For sale: 12x12 Regency. Stakes, ropes poles incl $500 cash only pls. Contact Nyah @ 614-226-2939
Bad Garb Old Maid card game - Yes we have ‘em! - from Claus the Toymaker (who else?)
Tentsmiths Museum Wedge 10W x 15L w 3’ bell. Sleeps 2 in comfort! $350 OBO. See Bob in Merchant 146 or call 340-201-6579
Good Gentles...How much have you spent on your armor? How much have you spent on your garb? How much have you spent on your children? This has been a public service announcement from Claus of Burzee, Toymaker
Blank Books - hand bound in leather, handmade paper, thick and chunky. Fair trade products. $8-$32, limited supply - Guild of Limners. #26.
Zodi Water Heater w/Tank Adapter $30 OBO Mead Mouse Bottom of Hangover Hill
CHAIN MAILLE SHIRT Chest measurement - armpit to armpit 24”x 2; shoulder to bottom edge 32”. Armpit to edge of sleeve 8” $150 neg. Call Meliora 773-882-1167 to see in person.
PARCHMENT. Genuine made by Pergamena. Calf, sheep, goat, deer. Many sizes from 5x7 to whole skins. Manuscript and calligraphy quality. Limited quantity. Buy now! Guild of Limners, #26, across from barn.
Does your doll need garb? Costumes by Loren has garb for 18” fashion dolls plus dressed bears in many sizes. Come see us at 166 Fleet Street.
For Sale 4x8 covered storage trailer needs some TLC 50 dollars or 2 cases of Woodchuck See Liam at House No Nein Haus Block N30 or call 1-847-612-6013
Penners at long last! Beautiful handcrafted leather cases for your pens. Durer wished his was as nice as these. Guild of Limners.
Tent repair supplies: waterproofing, seam sealer, stakes, emergency grommets, sewing on site. Period Pavilions, Space #28
For sale: beautiful sturdy fire fans. $150 OBO E17, Gabriel’s Landing. Ask for Fiera.
16x25 Oval slant wall marquis with full heavy duty floor. Tent and floor $4000. Add interior walls $4500. See Shauna, Shauna’s Camp, W11
For Sale: Ink - Oakgall, walnut hull, also gallo-tannic ink, absolutely perfectly opaque. $4 per bottle. Guild of Limners #26.
Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic glass beads. Merchant #146
Good garb - Bad garb PAPER DOLLS - even more humorous than the works of Beaumont and Fletcher! From Claus the Toymaker.
Beautiful women’s garb & gowns- size 2 to 6 or small to medium. Many Sofie’s Stitches pieces- lots of jewelery. Call Lady Morag 727-804-5193
Hard to find pigments -- minium, vermillion, azuro, indian yellow, red ochre. Guild of Limners, #26 across from the barn
We don’t want to take it home! 18x24 canvas day shade complete, $300, on-demand water heater, $75 OBO. Kitchen counter w/sink $50. Camp Gallowglass, N03. (678)536-9244. Pick up at end of War.
Tote Bags to carry your shopping. Embroidered by us. Daily Specials. Space 28. Misty Tower
Hurry to Claus the Toymaker for your leper - Supplies have been limited since a carpenter from Galilee passed through.
For Sale: THE GUILD OF LIMNERS in the little white house on Merchants Row sells ink, quill pens, pigments, various colors, madder, woad, all kinds of paint and tools necessary for scribes and artists.
Beautiful wrought iron bedroom suite with custom tapestry accessories. Sold as package or separately. Lady Morag 727-804-5193
Pavilion company for sale. Est. 1982. Set own hours, full/part time, turnkey, everything incl. See our ad in the gatebook. Period Pavilions, space 28
BAD GARB I and BAD GARB II - Now AVAILABLE from Claus the Toymaker - How do you know you are not in them unless you read them?
Pergamena parchment sent their stock to the Guild of Limners - Whole skins down to 5x10 pieces. Finest quality from $8 - $200. Limited quantities
FIBER! and Award-winning Yarns. Find them at Misty Tower. Space 28
Tent for sale 20x25 $1700 7yr old Tentsmiths
Costumes by Loren has garb in lots of Celtic knotwork and Middle Eastern patterns. Cloaks, tunics, kaftans, skirts and much more. Come see us at 166 Fleet Street.
PERIOD PAVILIONS - new and used for rent and sale. 5 on site for immediate delivery and 12 more on site at end of war. Others in stock, can ship. We do custom pavilions - colors and intricate shapes and faux buildings our specialty. More details and pics plus free catalog at space #28.
For sale - Bad garb, bad garb, What’cha gonna do? What’cha gonna do when the punchline’s you! - Claus the Toymaker
Porcelain dolls, stamped and gilt leather, woven tapestry panels, 24” hairpieces and much more. Space 28.
Rubber stamps hand carved by Mistress Briana - Unique to the SCA all from period sources. Copyright free! Only at the Guild of Limners.
Solar panel system for sale. 45 watt with charge controller $100 or $150 with 12 volt deep cycle battery. Barony of Carillion - Brewer and Fletcher - ask for Wulfgang
For Sale: Vellum - opaline vellum (sheepskin) direct from England. Finest quality. Sale price $20 per sheet. The Guild of Limners, #26 across from the Barn.
Claus’ Guide on “How Not to Get a Laurel” - Audacious and naughty - the truth is hard and very funny. See Claus the Toymaker. #26 across from the Barn.
Sparklies! Lots of sparklies, shinies and jinglies at Costumes by Loren. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. Come see us at 166 Fleet Street.
Tentsmith 14x8 officer marquee pavilion. 4ft walls. $800 incl futon floor and extras. Call Ivy (917)626-9138
14ft pavillion for sale. Round Panther style Lot X01 $500 OBO See Cricket, Matt or Bri at Lochac Camp or call 1-719-650-4002
Calligraphy books under $10. Many rare titles. Guild of Limners, #26, across from the Barn.
Woad, Madder, Cochineal, Brazilwood, Longwood - dyes to die for. Guild of Limners, #26.
Benefit the Chirurgeons - buy an original Pennsic 42 T-shirt, $13. Available from Claus of Burzee, #26 Merchants Row.
10x18 pavilion, blue-green. $750. Ironwood, N32
Bard’s Haven is Pagan friendly. We have mead too.
The mighty Kingdom of the Outlands wishes to thank the fabulous musicians and spectacular dancers who made our Hafla such a resounding success. The memories of your grace and beauty will warm our hearts for years to come.
Hoobah Foschand for fighting in all 42 Pennsics!!!
SHIRE WARS 3, Oct 19, 5 EK Shires vs Known World, site near I-81/I-78 split in PA. Dayboard, feast. War points for marshaled, A&S, and more. See event listing at eastkingdom.org
The Chirurgeonate wishes to thank Medieval Miscellanea for donating handicap mobility items!
The Lady Renata would like to make it known that any similarities to other red-headed Rens, living or dead, is purely coincidental. *waves hand* This is not the Ren you are looking for.

Help Wanted
BREAKDOWN HELP NEEDED ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Hourly or longer. Good pay and food, bonus poss. Mediaeval Misc. Space #28.
Need going home money? Merchant needs help with teardown on Friday. See Zafira at Booth #139 Plunder Lane
Looking for Investors, large and small for Agent’s Trading House. See Cormac at The Pillaged Village.

Lost & Found
LOST: Handmade brass needle at underside couching class Sat. Great sentimental value. Reward for return. Contact Janina Krakowska Clan Cambion E15

Archers of Ealdormere: you’ve done our Kingdom proud, from flooding the range on Monday to shoot with His Majesty, to 5 for 5 on Archer Champs, to stepping up to host the youth archery tourney. Thank you. Nicolaa.
I need a ride to Washington DC on Sat or Lancaster PA on Fri or Sat. Please help: Thomas Adler Camping with Outlands Royal W03
Pennsic is safe from the Magderonica...this time
Mergatroid the Fuzzy-Headed Snuzzler, Prophet of the Church of Katy, House Ragnesfolke says
Celebrating 10 years of a Pennsic fling with M. Rosalind Jehanne. Love, your cabana boy.
To G & F, thanks for a memorable evening. U & C
Fiandnata, it’s been 30 years and I love you as much today as I have for every day that has passed. Here’s to many more days together. Love, Philip.
Kenshin I biteth my thumb at you – Algar
“La dame de la mort is more grateful than she can ever express to have found her partner in love and life, Lord Alexander du Lac. Thank you for being you!”
Hey Count Ingvar, it’s August 1st, and you know what that means: Happy Holidays! Hugs & Pokes from Regnesfolke Myrkfaelinn
Thank you all for a fun game, team Mead Mousse. (Pennsic 42 Petanque Champions) Sometimes the Bowl of Petunias wins over the whale.
PI Staff: blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah! Nicolaa.
The Magdaronica will rise again! Next Year...
Ancaster Puzzle #5: INOWNLYCMUGA
The Shire of Black Rose congratulates its Seneschal Lady Alana O’Keeve on her engagement to Lord Joscelin l’Esquirrel at the Bhakafli Court of Love on Sunday. About time, guys. Mazel Tov.

Wanted to Buy
Got extra tent sides? We’re looking! They don’t need to be in great shape - we’re not picky. Apply to Bow Lane #6 Dark Victory Armoury
WANTED before War’s end: 5x12 trailer or larger. Call Pieter (765)586-5990 or sirpieter@juno.com

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